Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gathering No Moss

Someone on Crafttree was wondering what to do with finished tatting and how to pick thread colours. Part of my response had this to say:

"For me, it is all about the challenge, the process and the colour-play. Beats a therapist! Cheaper too. Think of Tibetan monks creating their breathtaking sand-painted mandalas .They spend weeks on some and then whisk them away in a few seconds when they are complete! Ah, Zen... : ) You don’t need a reason to tat!”

I kinda like the sentiment. Go Fox!  : )

Moving on..

I started a new Ben Fikkert pattern, Buttercups, for a friend. Tune in next post to see the other colour I chose in #80 Lizbeth thread.

The last ring on the centre element took me over THREE hours to figure out. There were two trial runs at this, before I figured it out. Sheesh. Well, in my defence, the four parts of the centre are mock rings.  I’m very glad that part is complete.

Seems there is alway a hitch for me with Ben Fikkert’s patterns, though Elena Koval says they are a “piece of cake!” over there at Craftree. 

Her work continues to amaze and inspire me. Go have a look at her Buttercups. Then you’ll know why I picked this beautiful design to give to my friend.


  1. I have yet to try one of the Ben Fikkert designs. I'm still trying to master Jan Stawasz!

  2. Words to live by ! Wise, yet fun :-)

    The mock rings with thrown rings are obviously easier to make. But they can be done on regular or true rings as well - the LTROR technique (loop tatted ring on ring). I sometimes use it instead of SCMR, too. Just saying ..

    I love Elena's work, too - had first encountered her exquisite tatting on pinterest, before I even knew about InTatters. Very inspirational & Perfection personified. Idahokanuck's colour scheme is also always spot-on

  3. Wow, tackling Ben Fikkert again! But then your comments about challenges makes clear why. Glad you got it figured out.

  4. I love this kinda of therapy too it great and costs less :) I am still wondering what I will do next and so many beautiful things to make. Yours is perfect! I cant wait to see colors you have chosen. I was thinking yellow but is that too obvious? maybe little greenery in it too? :) Ahh and beads, going that direction or no? guess got to wait!

  5. I like your reply I am not sure how I work out what colour to use, I see a thread and think I will try it and see how it goes.
    I am naughty have not been on Craftree for a little while, I keep getting trouble uploading pictures, but I think I now have the answer from Kersti so much try again. Trouble is I feel so worn out recently and the pain is getting worse, just got to battle though it.
    Looking forward to seeing your new mat buttercups, I treated myself to one of his books last year after seeing the Ferns mat done, as yet I have not started it , it's on my list of to do's. Trouble is the list just gets longer.
    Love to Mr G

  6. Looks like you are off to a beautiful start!! :)

  7. That is an interesting pattern, a piece of cake after the Corona.

  8. I completly agree about not needing a purpose for my completed projects. Purpose doesn't even enter into the decision of what I want to tat. There's a reason the root word for tatting is "frivolous" in many European languages. ; )

  9. I think I may have tatted this one. Seems like that center was the hardest part. Yours looks nice - am eager to see what other color(s) you've picked out.

  10. I love the sentiment - I'm much too worried about the practicality of my work. Your determination is impressive - and inspiring!