Monday, August 31, 2015


I am not talking about the findings that refer to notions or jewellery making, but rather to the pattern I found on Sally Kerson’s blog, here, and the new one I have chosen for the hankie I am working on.

Sally’s motifs were so pretty and I realised I had the book they were in, so I chose some #80 Yarnplayer HDT that I had been given as a gift a while ago and loaded up my shuttles. 

This is a fun, fast tat. It measures about 4”.

The hankie?
I began using Robin Perreti’s pattern, but it was slow going and I wasn’t enjoying the process. I found the Catherine Wheel joins cumbersome and I could not get them consistently equal in size, so I found another pattern:

Here is Robin’s pattern. Very pretty and I might use it for another project, but not good for me on this one.


Anyone who knows me or reads tat-ology for any length of time knows I do  not play well with frills, neither in tatting, nor jewellery, nor clothing nor home decor. So, it is strange that I actually gave this delicate, bone china dish a new home.

I was jogging on the weekend and noticed a forlorn plate peeking out of a box of discarded household goods that had been put out on the sidewalk for the garbage truck. I rescued it and ran home with it tucked under my arm.

Though it is really out of place in my spartan, white cupboard, I rather like it. It may be useful to photograph my tatting!


  1. The plate is not so very ornate. I'm glad you gave it a home, it does show your pretty motif off well. Frames it.

  2. Lovely pattern and I'm glad for the plate rescued! Probably (?) a cheese container, which had its cap broken. Perfect for photos.

  3. Lovely tatting, as always! The plate makes an excellent background for the tatting! Good save!

  4. Beautiful plate! I love the delicate blue of your hankie edging.

    What's next? Tatted jewelry from Fox?. tee hee.

  5. I'd have rescued it also! It does make a pretty background for your tatting. That's a book I do not have. Is it one I need?

  6. Diane, You NEED both books! I like them a lot! : ))

  7. Beautiful motif, and the beautiful edgings both look lovely.
    Your plate must have been crying in the bin, and saw you coming and something said rescue me, it's a lovely plate possibly old, and will look good in lots of photos with your tatting. You could look up the plate on the Internet by looking on the bottom and putting in what the name of it in the Internet. You never know you might have an antique
    Love to Mr G

  8. Your motif is Awesome!!! :) And the colors fabulous!!! :)
    Great edgings!!! :)
    Beautiful plate! :)

  9. Nice plate and great for the photo shoot of that beautiful tatting! :)