Saturday, November 14, 2009

Taking a Break

I have finished the first TWO of the TAT exercises!  I cannot believe I have done that, as they looked impossible to me a few days ago!  Anyway, I thought I'd take a break and do something fun, maybe for the hat for Mini-Boss.

I pulled out Karey Solomon's book and tatted up a small heart - completely incorrectly! I have to do  it again, and I have nothing to show you, so here it is in its glorious wrongness...



  1. That's the wonderful thing about tatting...even mistakes are beautiful! I know someone that used to dig my mistakes out of the paper trash bin, LOL! She would chastise me for throwing them away...well, what else was I going to do with them? LOL! Now that I want to learn CQ I will have a place to put those mistakes, LOL!

  2. BUT it's SO pretty. Not wrong - just a different 'version'!!!!

  3. It may be wrong, but it is glorious! I think it would be a perfect CQ embellishment!

  4. You know, if you could put a ring or head at the top and antennae, it would look like a framed or boxed butterfly! I think you just designed something new!

  5. It IS very pretty! Gina's right, it DOES look like a butterfly - that would still be a perfect embellishment for the Mini-Boss. But I know, I know - when you're going for a heart, ya kinda want a heart! At least I would. But don't throw it out, it is FAR to pretty for the bin and I bet you will find the perfect use for it!
    :) Ann

  6. I think it is really pretty, And it would be great in a C.Q. as an embellishment!

  7. Thank you for the kind words: Margaretha, Susanne, Ann, Gina, Diane, Jane and Chiclet!

    It is just not what I signed up for! LOL!
    Fox ♥