Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thank you, The Redhead  Riter, who sent me an award ! 

The Redhead Riter explains:

"Cute is when a person's personality
shines through their looks.
Like in the way they walk,
every time you see them
you just want to run up and hug them."

Cute is not a word that usually springs to one's lips when my name is mentioned!  I'll take this award as a compliment and a nice change from the usual fare!  : )

My hat, however is super cute!  The Star thread rosette is finished and I have learned about "cupping"!  This thing did just that as I made up the leaf part and it obviously is not big enough for the rosette.  But, I sewed it onto the hat and the flower is now in 3-D!  Now for the pink and green beaded border...



  1. This post is UBER-cute! Your award for having a cute blog is so CUTE itself! And you are VERY deserving - I LOVE seeing all your projects for The Boss, Mini-Boss and Minions! A prime example is this ADORABLE hat for the Mini - SO SWEET! For an application like this, cupping is VERY good!

  2. Count me as one who hasn't the proper appreciation for appellations such as "cute", "adorable", "sweet', and 'precious'. LOL But congrats on the award because your blog is enjoyable, colorful, and honest.

    XXX Bev

  3. It sure is cute, I so love reading your blog.

  4. Bellisima! The Star rosette with green leaves compliments the hat perfectly.

    And congrats on your award too!

  5. You are all so kind - the big YOU out there in Tat-land! Wherever would I be without this wonderful audience! Tatting is so much more fun with feedback, says I!

    One thing - Bev, I do agree! 'Cute' is just not my thing, but I did enjoy getting a lovely award!

    When I summoned the nerve to begin this blog, I really never anticipated that anyone would read it, let alone that I would make such good tatting buddies and would receive heartwarming acknowledgment from Tat-land!

    Ah, it is all good!
    Fox on a Soapbox. (a tiny one today - you are lucky!) LOL!