Monday, November 30, 2009

Removing the Self - Imposed Restraints!

Well, the second hat for Mini-Boss is complete. I finished the edging tonight - phew!  Now all that is left is the *** hanky edging.   I haven't touched it in days.  It is soooo, well, .....beige.

I have to admit that I try very hard to appreciate ecru;  I  purchased a few lovely balls of it in different sizes, trying for some reason that now eludes me to enjoy it,  but I gotta tell you: I really dislike it - A LOT!

You really do learn the oddest things when you hang around shuttles....

Anyway,  creative freedom is tantalizingly just around the next corner - quite literally! After the border is done, I will be free to work away on the TAT programme and do little fun projects between the  exercises.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!



  1. Put a sweet, little, puckered, pink face under the brim of that hat and you will have PERFECTION! That is so doggone CUTE!

    I can appreciate ecru - it's the perfect foil for other colors. Somebody's got to be the straight man! Where would Costello have been without Abbott, Lewis with no Martin, and how well would Lucy's schemes have worked without Ethel? I say we've GOT to give ecru its due!

    :) Ann

  2. Funny, I never did like ecru... if I want white, I want a true white, not one that looks like it was washed in dirty water! Now when it comes to color... hold me back! I want them all!

    Love the hat!

  3. Hi Fox,

    This hat is just soooo sweet!! The thread color matches the yarn perfectly. I wish I had a hat like this. I'll have to find someone to crochet a hat for me :)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww, the hat is the cutest!! Adding the beads was a grand idea!

    Ecru to me is like working with white - just plain boring! I had a dickens of a time completing my white collar, but the pattern was challenging enough to keep it from making me hate it. Towards the end, I was chanting the "one motif at a time" mantra.

    I'm feeling your pain!

  5. The boss is a very lucky little girl and she will be the envy of lots of other little people, wearing this hat. Now I'm not a fan of ecru either, but now I have brighter colours to put with the ancient balls there is hope for them - some time in the future!!

  6. The little hat is so precious! I agree that ecru is boring to work with, but it will add that special touch in the end. I'm not crazy about working with white either but I have a project planned in ...yep...white! Am also currently working on one in ecru. Slowly. :-)

  7. Hi Fox
    your hat is very lovely. I want to do it!

  8. I think I'm in the minority here. I love looking at colored tatting, but for myself, I prefer ecru or white. Yeah, it gets boring at times, but I really like the way it looks when it's done!

  9. The hat is darling!

    I am one who actually loves ecru & doesn't love white for doilies. Colors for EVERYTHING else :)

  10. Cute hat. Did you work the border directly onto the brim or did you and it afterwards?

    I haven't as yet used ecru so couldn't possibly comment. The only colour I've purchased so far that I HATE is "Lemon Yellow" Lizbeth. I haven't even opened the packet as it's pretty hideous. Was considering giving it away but wouldn't want to send something so horrible.

  11. Carol, Thanks! I am so sick of crocheting hats for kids, but I do like them when they are finished. I can't just crochet a hat now; there has to be some beading or tatting on them - even for the little lads!

    Ann, Of course! How I loved Ethel! But not as a foil! I am the only person I know who never liked Lucy! I did not think she was at all funny and in my little girl's mind I always was angry at her for making women look so foolish! I've never gotten over that! Yay for Ethel Mertz!

    Diane, Come to think of it, I do not think I have ever seen ecru on your blog! You always seem to have the best coloured thread!

    Hi Carla, Thank you!

    Gina, I know. Sometimes those whites and ecrus are all that is needed!

    Thanks, Sally, My luck - she will arrive in the world as a hat-denier - like the eldest grandbaby! He never wants anything on his head!

    Katie, Oh, I know that mantra well! Your lovely 'lucky collar' is wonderful in white - it would not be the same in anything else, would it! Sometimes you just have to go sans colour

    Mica, I love looking at it too. some patterns beg to be tatted in ecru or white. So, sometimes I really want to use it, but I get so impatient when not stimulated by a splash of something!

    Cindy, Thanks, you old devotee of ecru!

    M, I tatted the border on when it was finished, sewing it on through the picots on the chains.

    You are so right! I have that Lizbeth yellow too, and it makes me nauseous just to look at it!

  12. The hat is so sweeeeet! My youngest girl is drooling all over the keyboard!!!