Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bordering on boredom....

The  second hankie is driving me crazy and I have figured out something important!  I think when I am finished with the hats, the hankies and the baby socks, I am going to do tatting a  bit differently.  I am going to tat for myself.  Ah, so selfish! I can't wait!

I have learned because of the T.A.T. process, the more I am challenged with either the pattern or a design challenge, the happier and more satisfied I am.

It has taken over a year to be able to zero in on what it is I want to learn or perfect. It has taken time and a lot of  perusing the books I have managed to acquire. I never would have thought that I would have become so curious about the design aspect of tatting, for no other reason than to better understand the different stages of a process and then to execute it - just for me!

This is not to say I am never going to tat baby socks or decorate a blanket, but I do want to tackle a few projects for no other reason than just because I want to do them.  I tend to get bogged down making things for other reasons.  That scenario repeated itself when I was a knitter and a crocheter, and, eventually, I got to dislike and resent both of those activities. I still do.

So, now that I have become so enlightened, I took advantage of the moment, pulled out Patti Duff's Mini Tats and happily tatted this, pondering negative space! Ain't life grand!

 P.S. This Mini Tat brings my 25 Motif Challenge complement to 5!  I counted the motifs and was surprised that I have this many already!
P.P.S.  How could I have forgotten!  That gorgeous HDT is Yarnplayer's Roses, #30 - one of my all time favourite threads!


  1. Oh so pretty!!!

    I find that the longer I tat, the more intrigued I am by the simple designs or rather, somewhat involved designs using simple techniques.

    And like you, though I enjoy making things for other people, I like to make things just for me sometimes. I'm worth it. :-)

  2. Indeed it is grand! The beautiful thread turns that simple motif into something grand.
    Learning is wonderful hope we can all continue to learn from each other.

  3. Hankies are tough for me. I love the end result, but not the amount of time it takes! I've only done a few, and I used size 20 thread to shorten the amount of time needed for completion... not as delicate as some I've seen, but I just tell myself I like the look of "heavy lace"!

    Your edging looks beautiful! Isn't Patty Duff's book fun? Negative space... hmmm... less is more sometimes... I think I'd better do some pondering myself! ; )

  4. To me, tatting or any other creative activity is about making something that you would like to see. So it absolutely makes sense to do it for yourself. Good for you!

  5. Your edging is very beautiful|
    Learning is wonderful!

  6. Golly Fox!
    Don't make yourself sick of tatting! It IS such a balancing act - wanting to SHARE your talent and wanting to ENJOY your talent. I have found that the shine comes off a hobby when I over-commit myself (even if the commitment is just in my head) or I have a deadline. To be happy I have to have flexibility.

    I like your mini-tat because of the happiness it represents, the glow of the colors and the fact that it is not only CUTE as a button, it probably is the SIZE of a button as well!

    :) Ann

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to "schedule" some projects just for me! I hope whatever you plan on making is as rewarding as the process :) Pretty thread on that mini-tat too!

  8. Hi Fox:
    I love the color thread you used for the mini tat. What is the color? I wanted to let you know what I do in the situation your finding yourself in. Since I learned to Tat from my best and closest friend Carol (Carol's Little Treasure's)in 2006. I have made the first one (any design)for me and the second one is for a friend, family member, etc. I think it is nice to have the first one. That way you can go back to it and see what you may have missed, etc. I try to date them too, because I am too a Creative Memories Consultant. The dates are important to me. Most of the time I succeed with the date, other times I tend to forget. That happens. Happy Tatting!

  9. Love the colors of your mini motif. It makes me think of sweet things and smile.

  10. Ahhh - so reassuring to hear from you who also feel the same way!

    This is why blogging is so rewarding - one gets recreated by others who have felt the same thing emotional response to a similar situation - as in the last post, where we all have used the garbage as a storage cabinet!
    Thanks for your wonderful comments!
    Fox ♥ : )

  11. I gotta admit that I find ecru boring, too. But your tatting looks good in any color!