Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surprise from a Stranger

I do not remember a conversation about tatting  specifically with a woman named Mary; I talk to lots of people during a day at work and I have mentioned to MANY people that I am always on the lookout for old shuttles and patterns and folks tell me lots of tales about their tatting relatives and so forth. Mary must have told me that she would  have a look. She did.

When I got to work yesterday, a parcel was waiting for me. And a note:

The contents of the package:

The shuttles:

One of the shuttle has ' 114 CANDIDA ' scratched into both sides.

Needless to say, I am pretty overwhelmed by Mary's thoughtful generosity!  I am always amazed by such kindness and good will.  Thank you Mary! 


The same day, I received this in the mail!
I have been waiting....

 'Let's Tat' is a wonderful book - considered vintage - self-published in 1979.  I read about this on Ambitatterous's blog and found it online at a great price. ( Usually, it is hideously expensive) I was very lucky!  Every good word written about it is true! 

If you can possibly procure a copy of this fantastic tatting  book composed of  332 pages chock-full of instructions, pictures. patterns, stories and information about tatting, you will not be disappointed.

Here is how an error in a word was corrected.  Angeline Crichlow published one hundred copies.  
This correction technique puts a whole different spin on self-publishing!

Now, on to The Featherline Snowflake  as seen on top of the book.  I could not get the instructions right. Dyslexia won. I had to change the pattern instructions.  Probably I should have just e-mailed Jon, but I was lazy and just kept trying to fix it.  It seems to be okay now. Anybody else notice a problem?  Maybe there is an update on the pattern I missed.


Heather's having a great giveaway at her blog to celebrate her birthday. Check it out!


  1. Oh My Goodness Fox! What a treasure trove; The book alone is worth a small tatting fortune! Poor Mary didn't realize what she had! But how fortunate for you! The black shuttles look like they might be what they called "pumpkin" seed shuttles. (from the shape).
    You are one lucky Fox! LOL hugs, Bev

  2. Oh, No! Bev, Mary didn't give me the book! It came in the mail! I ordered it a few weeks back.... I have fixed my post - I think it was a bit confusing to read..... Thanks for the comments and the bit about the 'pumpkin seed' shuttles. They are very nice to use and will look lovely with the hook-pen in black that I have just ordered from Sherry! Ohhhh, I have been so BAAAD! : )) Fox xxooxx

  3. What a wonderful gift! I have friends who haunt garage sales and antique malls... they've never found anything tatting related. I guess tatting just wasn't that big around here. I've been looking for the book... haven't found it yet... some day!

  4. Oh Fox, you are NEVER bad! Blame it all on that Dr. Strangelove hand of yours, but don't forget to thank it for having FANTASTIC taste!

    Mary certainly gave your some nice things - how KIND! Most people who say they will check on something NEVER do! The book of edgings looks pretty, but that doesn't look like tatting, is it crochet?

    It looks like you have gotten a PRISTINE copy of "Let's Tat" - congratulations! I LOVE that title, it sounds like "Let's get down to business!" Enjoy it!

    And Sherry's black hook?!? They are all neat, but THAT one caught my eye also! I HAVE to learn to use paypal!

    :) Ann

  5. Hi Diane,
    Funny, I NEVER go to garage sales and I am not that enamoured with antiques.... maybe because I have become one suddenly! But old shuttles are an entirely different 'kettle of fish', as my mom would say!
    The book is wonderful. I hope you find a copy. I think they are around, if you are persistent and patient in your search. : )

    The power of the cursed hand can have a stranglehold.... on the wallet!

    I think that hook-pen will be very useful. I
    went to the hardware store and had them cut a crochet hook for me. Now it is the right size that being about three and a half inches long, but it is forever falling on the floor or hiding somewhere when I go for it.

    I used to use a little, short one, which seem a bit short now for some reason.

    Gina keeps hers on one of those broaches with the retractable cord. Years ago, I used one of those for embroidery work; I had my scissors on it and pinned it to my clothes, but I found it a bit irritating to use. Blah blah...

    You are observant! Yes, the work is crocheted, and the books are all crochet patterns. However, the little wound bits of paper have thread have tatting attached.

    I am enjoying the book. Lucky find. It is in pretty good condition, but appears much older than it is due to the yellowing and some warping of pages and its colour. Worth looking for!
    Fox : )

  6. Wow - what a nice surprise gift! Lucky you! It's fun to realize that really, most people have generous hearts - we just don't always get to see it.

    I noticed that "Let's Tat" book on Ambitatterous's blog also - looks like a great find! And I've been restraining myself from getting one of those hook pens too. And some HDT. I think I have to start actually accomplishing some tatting goals before I can justify rewarding myself :)

  7. I love it when someone gifts someone else with something like this. I hate the idea of them going in the trash - and I'm sure if they went to some charity places, that's where they would end up because the workers would have no idea what they were!

  8. That was so nice of Mary to give you all those shuttles and pattern books.

    As for Featherline, I have tatted it successfully. Though it took a couple of tries. My problem with the pattern was that I didn't follow the written part. I just followed the diagram AND got the brilliant idea to tat the snowflake continuously (no tie and cut after the centre). Probably should have tatted it first as written. I'll post mine to my blog later today (I hope).


  9. You are such a lucky girl getting such a treasure.

  10. Susanne, I am SO grateful and I do know how very blessed I am.... : ) Fox

  11. I had problems with the Featherline Snowflake pattern but just assumed it was because I did something wrong. I actually gave up with it but now that I'm gaining more of an understanding of how to follow diagrams I may try again but ignore the written instructions.

  12. Hi M, Yes, try again! It took me such a long while to get feel of this pattern, but now I am very comfortable with it and will do it again with a lot more confidence. Following the diagram alone will probably solve the problem for you. Good luck! Fox : )

  13. Isn't it amazing how a conversation can turn into something so unexpected. What a sweet gift from Mary. Your tatting is beautiful (whether you've followed the pattern exactly or not)!

  14. Tatteristic,
    Thanks for the visit and commenting on Mary's generosity! Nice to hear from you!
    Fox : )