Wednesday, February 22, 2012


...takes on a whole new meaning!

Almost done!


  1. Both the tatting and the drawing are beautiful! You have so much talent, thanks for sharing. I especially like the loopy part on the end of the drawing near the tatting...hmm, sort of looks like a tatting design with long rings :)
    Also, love how the colors of the shuttle match the thread colors!

  2. Ah, what would I do without the wonderful support I get from you guys! Thank you so much - the comments mean so much to me. : ) Fox

  3. This work is really lovely. Are the green rings three-dimensional? They look like it to me. You do such lovely work!

    And the Tangle is wonderful.

  4. I love the look of that tatting more and more!! :)

  5. Both are wonderful! I love how your shuttle matches your tatting. And those tangles are better and better all the time.

    Ha! I can relate to your definition of "time sharing." Now I can say I "own" one too!

  6. the colours of your shuttle and threads match! so how do you tat with one hand and "tangle" with the other? both very addictive and creative work! LOL