Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Patterns

I don't want to grumble, but this is really very fiddly and you know how I do not do fiddly very well! But I do love Karey Solomon's unique designs.

The good thing is that it keeps me focussed and is a great challenge.

So far I have had to cut off two of the wheels, have un-tatted for hours, and have nearly tossed the entire thing in the garbage.

However, I seem to be practicing unheard of restraint!  I put it down till the mood passed and was pleased and surprised that I had not acted impulsively.

This is new. I do believe I am changing a lifelong behaviour! Tatting rocks!

I hope I can finish it over the weekend, because I am looking at the pattern books.

Tatting Fool has me fixating on Iris Niebach patterns.  Check out these two terrific tats she just posted here.


  1. This is very interesting Fox. way to go. I have not seen this pattern before. I have so many projects to finish, and to start. I want more time to tat. I know you have shared your "stick-to-it" with me. but that only goes so far when you don't have enough time. got some extra of that?

  2. That is a very unique design! I love the look!! :)

  3. Karey's patterns are loosy goosy so don't worry too much about perfection. It will all turnout, even with the fiddly parts. Just say to yourself it will all work out...

  4. That is a very interesting pattern! I'm sure it requires much more brain power than I have access to right now, so I'll just admire yours!

  5. I like the effect of the chains on the middle round, how they're all pointy. So did you choose the shuttle to match the threads, or the threads to match the shuttle?

    1. I know! When I realized the lovely colours, I took another photo so I would show the thread and the shuttle together! Thanks for noticing.
      Fox : )

  6. It's very pretty, fiddly or not :) Also a lovely little shuttle in the background there...

  7. Hi fox,

    It looks bit fiddly but I bet when it's finished it will look stunning, I don't have either book and I saw tatting fools page and those motifs are stunning, Both books are on my wish list.

    Ps love to Gian