Friday, February 17, 2012

A Keepsake; A Memory

I did not tat anything of Gina's for today, and I do not think I have any of her patterns in my box of tatted motifs.  So, I was at a loss as to how I could participate in today's tribute to Gina.

As I thought about our copious email conversations about techniques, patterns, problems, mistakes, blunders, how-to's (she was always so very patient with my endless queries)  and humour, I thought of a piece we had both tatted and discussed at some length.

I had very nearly given the little motif to The Boss, as she is the main recipient of my tatting, which she uses with a lot of scotch tape to make 'pictures'. At the last moment, I decided to keep the little piece, not at all wanting to part with it.

The desire to keep the tatting was very strong, so I just shrugged and put the little thing back in the box, shaking my head at my strong reaction to such an insignificant piece of my work.

I am so grateful that I listened to my inner voice, as this little motif is what I have, other than all that is in my heart to remember my dear tatting friend.

The tatting world has truly lost a treasure. However, I know for a certainty, as I read the tributes pouring in, that because Gina touched so many of us all over the world with her talent, her generosity, her dedication and her kind spirit, her legacy will live on in the hearts, minds, shuttles and needles of tatters everywhere.


  1. Hi fox

    A lovely piece of tatting for Gina, I am sure she would approve of your choice


  2. That is a beautiful piece. I'm sure Gina was proud of all the work you put into it.