Monday, February 20, 2012

'Heart of My Heart'

This is Karey Solomon's pattern from Hearts Belong to Tatting. It is my newest favourite heart, for it is fun to tat and pleasing in texture, especially with beads. Also, it is not tiny, being about two inches or so across.  I am happier with a bit of a larger pattern, for I find the small ones often to be frustratingly fiddly (descriptor of the week!).

I just realized that one of the three threads - and all were leftovers languishing on bobbins - is the very last of her HDT. It is fitting that her pattern it is tatted with the last of her thread.

There are two variegated and one plain green thread here, all #40; it is amazing that it works! You just never know.

The beads are well matched to the odd bluish undertones of Kareys thread, and are from Crazy Mom.  Perfect!

#72-100 Motif Challenge

Now, back to "cookie monster!"


  1. Perfect combo in the thread colours! How did you know?! Lovely heart!

  2. Beautiful heart, I like the pattern, not seen this one before.
    Colours often work different to what they look, sometimes it's try them together and see if they work and these have worked up lovely
    Love to Gian


  3. Looks lovely. I like the way the eye picks out the red thread, so that the green forms a background to it.

  4. Oh this is beautiful! The split-ring line is very nice there, so narrow to the red!Turns out so beautiful with the colors!

  5. I was wondering where to find Kerey Solomon's beautiful pattern. Did she wrote a book or should I strat a journey through her blog, beacuse there is no link for pattern. Can you help me?

  6. Hi, Gunhild,
    I am so sorry I deleter your last comment by mistake!

    For Karey's pattern you would have to get in touch with her and order a subscription. They are little books that come out 4 times a year for about 10 dollars - well worth it!

    Here is the site:
    Fox : )