Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cutting My Losses

Karey Solomon's HDT

I have made so many mistakes with this motif - Frivole's 'Stellar,' that I cannot in all good faith continue.  It was just too messed up.  So, I have started it again in another thread - one colour, which will help.

The actual stitches are good now.  Also, I am getting more and more exacting, which is good, because the results are better, but I then I tat a lot more slowly  and have a lot less quantity.

Here is the new one. See what I mean?

T.I.A.S. is fun!  I am so glad I am participating this year.  Not what I thought it would be at all. I had to get over my "Bah Humbug" mentality (yet again!) to finally join up.

It is looking a lot like a goat. I told Jane I thought it looked like a lamb and then remembered that lambs do not have horns... So much for animal husbandry...


  1. Beautiful pattern, but then Frivole's always are. What is that luscious variegated thread you started out with?

    1. Hi, Miranda,
      That is the last of some Karey Solomon's #30 HDT. Pretty isn't it?

    2. Yes it is! (Really I'm just testing the Reply feature.)

  2. Good morning Fox, your star will be beautifull in the end! The best and most important thing for me is, to have fun, to get happy, when tatting or visitng other peoples tatting experiences. Thanks for your posts ;-))

  3. I have done that so many times I've lost count! I've re-started the cross I'm working on three times... the third time I changed cross patterns! Maybe switching to a solid color is the key.

    I've collected all the pieces of the T.I.A.S., but I haven't had the chance to start it yet. Will another T.I.A.S. pass me by? Maybe. I guess I'll just have to enjoy watching your efforts!

    I love the colors you're using, but I refuse to do any more shopping... for now! ; )

  4. Your Stellar was looking awesome! :)
    The new one looks like it's off to a great start! :)

  5. I love the thread colour you used for 'Stellar'!
    A few days ago, I was thinking the TIAS was a cat. Sure looks more like a goat.

  6. It's been fun to watch your tatting! The new Stellar is lovely, too.

    Oh, and some lambs do have horns; it all depends on the breed! Sheep tails go down, goat tails go up, so that is a quick way to tell. Looks like fun!