Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baffled By A Bead

#62-100 Motif Challenge

At the very end, I did not add a bead to the cord properly.

I am still not sure how to get the second half of a split ring bead to look the same on both sides when adding a bead to each.

Somehow, I do not think the recipient will ever notice this, and if she does, I do not believe she will give a whit!

Miranda guessed right; this is Mary Konior's cross, which I have never tatted before.  Straight tatting, no tricks, just paying attention will do. Nothing fancy and yet it makes a lovely cross.

I could not bear to tat in red and white - not my favourite combo - so I had to do something to please myself in order to abide by the wishes of my friend!

Thanks for the silver beads, Suneeti!


  1. Beautiful cross. I personally love the red and white. I have made that cross many times for gifts but never thought to add beads. They are a very nice addition. Your friend will be happily pleased I'm sure.

  2. The cross is beautiful! I love red and white together... until I wash something and the color bleeds. I sure hope that never happens with your beautiful cross. The silver beads make a beautiful accent.

    1. I washed in in - are you ready for this - HOT water, to shrink it up a bit and to make it stiffer before I pressed it under weight. That was risky!

      I held my breath and watched it NOT bleed, thank goodness.

      Fox : )

  3. Great looking cross!! I am sure the recipient will love it!

  4. Beautiful! That cross looks lovely in two colors, even if it's not your favorite combo.

    Regarding beads on each half of a split ring-- you need a bead on each shuttle. On the first half, put the bead on the back of your hand and slide it into place just like you would on a normal ring. For the second half, use the bead from the second shuttle; just slide it up the thread into place and make the next stitch. I think the tail you made looks just fine.

  5. It looks beautiful, even if you aren't fond of the color combo. The silver and red beads add that little something that really sets it off. I'm sure that the recipient will love it.

  6. I do like the cross in red and white. It's just perfect colours for February and Valentine's Day. I haven't tried that pattern, yet,but it's a nice one.

  7. Oh, it is very beautiful, when enlarging the picture and seeing the beads, they fit perfect. I assume in reality a step more delighting!
    For the beads in a pikot on each side of splitrings try this:
    thread the beads onto the shuttle you will knot the side of the splitring with! Means in your case: 1 bead on each shuttle.The first side of the splitring is done regular, the second side has no flipped knots, means the thread making up the pikot comes from the second shuttle you are working with, pushing the bead there in place while knotting. If the bead is already on the ringthread it will sit on the corethread in unflipped knots, and not in the pikot!
    Hope that helps you ;)
    Always a bead on the thread,
    greetings from Guni

  8. *****Thanks to Tatting Fool and Perlen-Guni,******
    I had the two beads on the left-hand shuttle and none on the right. I see why that did not work, now.

    Thank you so much for the information. I learned something new!
    Fox : ))

  9. Sometimes if I am not sure which shuttle the bead should be on I just put a couple extra on both shuttles and then I have it covered. The ones I don't need can be removed after I finish the tatting ancd cut the thread.
    Your cross is beautiful! I love the way you did white in the center and red on the outside!