Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Only When It's Over...

 ...is it really finished!  NOW, I am happy with the hat.  Up at 2 a.m. last night cutting out the old pink border.  It was the wrong pink and I could not get it out of my mind, so up I got, found the scissors and snipped  away.  Then, I crocheted the new last two rows, sewed on the basted motif for real and FINALLY, went to sleep! Nothing like not letting it go till it's cooked!  Love the mixed metaphors today!

Update on IsDihara's 'Star"!

 This is a really lovely, old thread - smooth and shiny and a six cord thread.  I am enjoying tatting with it a lot!


  1. The hat is gorgeous! It just shines so bright & the little pink motif really makes it sweet. I like how you flipped it upside down. I'm hoping we will see pics of the recipient in that cute hat.

  2. An adorable wee bonnet for an adorable wee bairn!

    So glad you are enjoying the vintage Star tatting cotton. Your rosette is beautiful.

    And I too have either stayed up late or gotten up in the middle of the night to cut out some tatted bit(s) that were bothering me. Just the other night, as a matter of fact!

    What's that I see? A hook pen from LadyShuttleMaker? You sly...well, you know. ;-)

    Enjoy your new tatting tools and toys! Maybe one day soon I too will have a hook pen to show off...

  3. Hey Fox!
    You were right about the pinks (I went back to the previous post to make sure, HA), and I also like the wide open spaces without the border. The topsy-turvy heart is the perfect accent all by itself.

    I like this little motif you are making with the Star thread - SO pretty! It's no wider than your shuttle and you've already done 4 rounds of chains! That is a great shade of pink!

    :) Ann

  4. Beautiful hat!
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  5. I love the way the hat turned out! Is the shuttle large, or is the thread fine? Either way, I like the way you displayed your tatting on the shuttle!

  6. Katie, Thank you! I think I like the flipped one as well.... The ETA is still a long way off!

    D, Glad to see you are as obsessed as I am and that you get up in the night to perform all those urgent, timely changes!

    Carla, Hi! I love visiting your site! There is always something wonderful to see!

    Diane, Oh, the thread is teeny - maybe #75 as compared to #80 - just a bit thicker, I think. That old shuttle feels great - smooth and larger than a Clover - more the size of the tortoise Inox.

    Thanks for the comments ♥ Fox : )

  7. The hat is just gorgeous. Hook pen too.....drooling!

  8. The hat is very cute. Looking forward to seeing the finished star. It is a pretty color. Glad you are enjoying your vintage thread!

  9. I thought the hat was cute as it was, but now that I see the new version, I think it's even cuter. It will make a lovely present.

  10. Tatskool, It is worth drooling over! I like it so much I might just get another! Just in case!

    Chiclet, Thanks! I like it very much and am almost finished the motif I am doing with it. I will also tat a hat border with beads next - which of course I shall 'show and tell'!

    Mica, Thank you! Glad you agree - I like this so much better!

    ♥ Fox : ))