Friday, November 27, 2009

Needle in a Haystack

 ...or crochet hooks in the garbage!  Yup.  In the garbage.  That's where I found this little baby at 2:00 a.m. last night!

My poor cat had to hide from the trucker-talk spewing forth from his demented owner, as she tore the place apart looking for the hook.

I had stayed up trying - in vain - to finish exercise # 3 of T.A.T. Not successful, I was grumpy to begin with, and then the hook was nowhere to be seen.

No kids to blame, I had to just tough it out, re-do my steps and hunt.

In the end, I gave up and had the ironic thought that I must have thrown it in the trash.  Bingo!

Better than my paycheck; I have been know to do that too.

Absentmindedness is such a joy.


  1. Sorry, I had to laugh out loud at your post! I got so sick of losing hooks or sitting on them resulting is getting stabbed in the butt. One day, I took them to work and had the maintenance guy cut them down and drill a hole in the shank so I could put them on chains. I hooked the chains to a retractable scissors fob found in the quilting section of the craft store. No more lost hooks!

    I, too, have been known to lose my paycheck only to find it in the trash. Once, I put it in my back pocket, forgot about it, and washed the jeans. Of course, I didn't realize what I had done until I opened the dryer and saw it was filled with green 'confetti'!

    Good luck with your T.A.T.!

  2. I lost one of mine I finely gave up and came and got on the computer. I did fine it, was in my jacket sleeve. I know I hadn't moved from where I was setting so it should of been there.

  3. So frustrating when this happens, and so so time wasting looking for items that are lost. Pleased you found it in the end even though you scared the cat!

  4. Glad you found it sooner rather than later, tho i suppose it was in a safe enough wise that is...for you that is...

  5. Before we left for Tucson, I 'lost' my favorite scissors ~ those with mother of pearl and blue sapphire inlay ~ old. I only use them at home!
    But! it was time to leave for the trip. While we were gone our Rebekah decided to set up my new bed (which was still in shipping boxes) She text messaged me that she found my scissors at the bottom of the sheets on the old bed. Yeah (I had looked every place, including the waste basket near my bed)
    I, in times past, was known to put my car keys in the refrigerator, marking a place in a magazine. I'm at the age now where when I'm able to walk into the next room I say, "Now...what did I come in here for?" Lists have become my friend. When I go downstairs, I make a list of what to take down; and, what to bring back up. No use wasting energy. LOL My mini crochet hook is on one of the wrist bracelets from one of Jane E's Roly Poly bags.
    XX B

  6. Glad you found it! I've actually gone to the curb to dig through the trash looking for things I've lost - the items have always turned up in the house later but I've made some "good" memories. Apparently I've got a bit of sailor in my blood which comes out at these times which makes the search SO fun!

    :) Ann

  7. Oh dear, but so glad you found the hook in the end.

    Some day I shall have to post asking for the most color "black curse(s)" to surface during mad searches for lost tatting items. Tatters are such a creative lot that I'm sure the list would be priceless! (So keep your sailor-speak in your back pocket for a future day.)

    And for the record, I too lost my size 15 (0.5 mm) hook before I ever used it, even once! I checked the car (twice), the trash, the craft space(s) even the freezer! Then I got the brilliant idea to ask my toddler, "Sprout, did you take mommy's tiny hook?" To which he replied, "Yes, mommy! I fix it. *murmel.murmel*" Sure enough, it was in the flip-up seat of his tricycle, which he calls his motorcycle." LOL!

  8. Ugh! I hate it when stuff like that happens! Thank heavens you found that crochet hook!

  9. Thanks, everyone! It is reassuring to know you all have felt exactly the same!
    Fox ♥ : )

  10. Too funny - this post made me laugh because I do it often! Find things in the garbage and scare the dogs with my ranting in the search process. Actually, I often just scare the dogs by going into a colorful rant of frustration!

    Keep on those T.A.T. projects - you will be an official "Master" soon :)