Monday, May 9, 2016

tat-ology Is Seven Years Old!

Until Renata posts row number seven, I am tatting a new edging for a hankie sent to me by a generous friend.

I had some of Lea's #50,  HDT, that matched absolutely nothing, so I asked my tatting buddy if she could find me a hankie with suitable colours, as I had looked everywhere, with no success.

This is what happened:

The pattern is here:

I almost forgot!
I can't believe tat-ology is 7 years old!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I thought of you and the fire. I'm very happy that you're posting as usual and the only thing fire-looking here is the thread. Fine-looking!

  2. Oh that lucky seven years congrats, Love the colors for the handkerchief they match very well as if the were made for each other!

  3. Looks pretty suitable to me! Congratulations on seven years of blogging!

  4. Love the colors and it's a perfect fit!

  5. Wow! Your friend came up with the perfect hankie for that pretty thread!

    SEVEN years? ? ? Congratulations! That first motif you posted was pretty in pink and lavender!

  6. Congrats! Here's to another 7 years (at least).

    Your edging will look great with that hanky.

  7. Lovely tatting, you have come so far. Congratulations on seven years of blogging.

  8. I do hope you have more than one skein of the thread this time! Seven years is a long time to keep an online diary, congratulations.

    1. Nope! Only one! And I'm not ordering any more from Australia - and everyone here knows why! Hopefully this chain- only thread will manage the border just fine... : ))

  9. Congratulations! I did a very similar edging from a Coats pamphlet. It was a good carry along project because the shuttle thread lasts so long. Perfect for this thread. I'm glad your friend found a hankie to go with the colours, that was clever.

  10. I think the thread will look lovely with the hanky.
    Congratulations on seven years of blogging! I've always enjoyed your tatting adventures and look forward to following many more.

  11. Happy Anniversary Fox! Great hankie -goes so well with the thread.

  12. Happy anniversary, Well done on seven years of tatting and your adventures with the shuttle.
    Beautiful hankie, it's an easy pattern which I give to my beginners, will look beautiful on that hankie
    Love to Mr G

  13. Congratulations, but please don't get the 7-year itch ... We value & treasure your posts & your lacework :-)
    Here's wishing you many many more anniversaries to celebrate (and not berate ;-P)