Saturday, May 7, 2016


Well, all those months and it was finished and I did like it. Actually, I liked it very much and I hardly ever say that!

It has been wrapped up and is awaiting a visit with an old friend who saw a photo of it and said it would look wonderful in her traditional home. I was so pleased I said of course she should have it. 

This was a person who recognized and stopped me on the street yesterday - we had not seen one another for about fourteen years! Coffee, two hours talk, laughter, photo-sharing and catching up; the intervening years completely disappeared. 

Upon returning home, I immedietely wrapped up the tatting and so it's awaiting its new abode. I realize, once again, for me, satisfaction is all in the process. I really don't care at all about the final product, as long as it is the best I can do; I do not want to see it in my all white sparsely furnished dwelling. I just like to tat! What about you?

Renukek row six is almost complete:

This looks great and feels so substantial compared to my regular pieces in #80. I do miss the fine threads however!

However, this is a nice change and I love the colour of the combined blues. The threads have a mildly sticky feel, rather like Valdani, and I guess they are not a 6-ply. 

A successful experiment is always a pleasant event!


  1. Ah, that's me too - love the making but not interested when a piece is finished. Make, make, make is what it's all about and that applies to everything I do. Lucky friend - that's all I can say really.

  2. Sounds like me - it's all in the tatting. Once it's finished, unless I give it away, it ends up stored in a box. If someone tats something and gives it to me, I treasure it, but in the case of my own tatting, I lose interest in the piece once it is finished.

  3. That's me as well. And being so much more about process than product, I can tat the same pattern multiple times only if I change things up frequently--different thread size or color, adding embellishments, changing design elements, etc. Most of the tatting I've kept are from gifts and exchanges, or they are original pieces I may need for finally putting a pattern together. I pull them out for the Christmas tree and for demonstrations.

  4. We have a lot to learn from you, you have such a nice attitude about tatting, I do love to tat too.

  5. Love that Spring doily!!! :)
    Your colors remind me of the Lizbeth Blue River Glades. :)
    I think we switched places, you are using a larger thread on this one, and I am using 80 on this one. :)

  6. I enjoy giving tatting away as well. However, I also love keeping my favorite pieces! I'm sure your friend will enjoy that gorgeous doily for years to come!

  7. What fun to meet up with a friend and bonus to find a home for that lovely piece. Yes, I sometimes hesitate to go tatting seeing as I don't really need or want the finished work. But I go on because I love the process.

  8. I've been reading this discussion with interest, trying to decide where my own ideas fit; I think it is because tatting is essentially a decorative, "useless" craft that we cannot apply the usual parameters and criteria to the doing of it. I knit a jumper for my son because he is cold in Canberra and needs it, but no-one actually needs a doily! I've always thought of the time I spend tatting as doing a jigsaw puzzle in thread - so satisfying when it all works out! But I do keep most of my pieces, apart from the items I make for specific gifts. Bookmarks for the kids,a decorated candle for my youngest granddaughter's Baptism last week and now a butterfly to enclose in a birthday card for my cousin.And I loved working on the special commission I received from a granddaughter - she wanted a little doily for a special ornament in Tiffany blue!

  9. How nice to meet an old friend and share some time together, I am so glad she is having your piece and I am sure she will treasure the piece knowing it was handmade by you.
    Your latest piece is looking lovely, well done on your experiment
    Love to Mr G

  10. Hmmm, I mostly give my tatting away but I do delight in the few (big) pieces that I have in the house. They remind me of the time lovingly (and sometimes not so lovingly) spent making them. But mostly it leaves and hopefully gives pleasure to others.

  11. napkin is super! but where are crazy colors? :-D