Thursday, May 26, 2016

More Mail Misery

This is as far as I can tat; I'm waiting for thread reinforcement! And you all know how very patient I am...

However, this took the edge off the my temporary tatting tribulations:

I had sent this very Tat-Pic (made by David Reed Smith) to a dear friend, who unbeknownst to me, never used it! I love them for I am always un-tatting and they work for me. She read of my NYC Lost Project escapade, and sent it back to me! Joy!

Also, she sent more if that fabulous silk thread and other goodies. Take a peek:

Thank you, Suneeti! I love it all, especially the little foxy lipgloss.

The thread is this one:

Now, the newest project is a Norma Benporath pattern that you can find over at Craftree. It's fun and easy and something new to me, as I have never tatted directly onto a round doily centre.

The thread is a new #80 Lizbeth colourway, rather like the thread colour of the last hankie border, but it has more pink in it. I ordered two balls, as it really called out to me.


  1. It might not have been the mail you were expecting, but it sure was a nice one! I love the tatting on the doily center. The thread color is the perfect choice!

  2. Your doily is looking great!!! :) That is about how far I am with mine. I can't keep myself motivated on this round for some reason-maybe the crazy weather!
    Glad you have another shuttle you like!! :)
    I love your new project already!!! :)
    Great package!!! :)

  3. I like the idea of tatting directly onto the fabric round. Hope your thread arrives soon!

  4. Your tatting works are always wonderful!

  5. Oh dear I hope you get some more thread soon for your mat, which is looking so lovely.
    What a lovely package and thought, I could have cried when you wrote about the missing items and they still have not turned up.
    Lovely doily
    And that gorgeous thread you used on your hanky going to look lovely around the mat.
    Love to Mr G

  6. Pięknie prezentuje się frywolitka Renulka. Czekam na dalsze relacje postępów :)