Tuesday, January 13, 2015

T.I.A.S. 2015

Day 2 was this:

Which became just a little longer:
Day 3

Ah, Jane. The mind boggles. 
Who knows where the mystery ends!

I find it difficult to believe that this new adventure follows the ship and before that: a goat, a wheelbarrow and a baby carriage. Three years has disappeared as I begin the fourth T.I.A.S.. How can that possibly be?  wow : 0


  1. Rolling on the floor laughing at your Day 2 collage. You are a riot!
    Now, to me, it looks like a shrimp. I imagine that will change.

  2. Don't forget the aeroplane and the button lady and Norman the rooster - which was one I didn't take part in at the time. I have them all together, these TIAS pieces - almost like a calendar, marking the start of a New Year. Yours is looking a lot neater than mine, I'm having trouble with the tiny rings.

  3. Once again, your blog has disappeared from my RSS feed. Why? I will catch up on all that's been going on with you. I hope you don't have too much snipping in your future!

  4. I have not started on the TIAS this time - maybe I'll skip it this time, or maybe not.
    Can't imagine what it is but I like your collage.