Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivational Motifs

In between the larger pieces, I have taken breaks. 
Otherwise I might be tempted to take up welding instead of thread manipulation!

Blomqvest and Persson, in Sulky Blendables, like #80
One of my favourite small motif designs ever.

#40 Karey Solomon HDT
Possibly from a design by Elsine Gan...
I really don't know whose this is! 
Please let me know so I can credit appropriately. 

I saw the design somewhere online, and tatted this according to my memory of what I saw. It might be different as my mind might have altered the original intention!


  1. Love the motifs!!! :) And colors!!! :)
    The second motif looks similar to the one Elaine P. Gan designed and had test tatters test tat for her. I have one on my blog here:

  2. Both motifs are lovely, yes the second one looks like Elaine Gans patterns.
    Love to Mr G

  3. I'm tempted to join you in tatting motifs in size 80, but I'm afraid I would lose my focus and stop tatting the Monster, which I'm really enjoying. For now, I think I'll stay focused... but Fox is tatting in size 80! Fox is tatting little motifs. Fox is showing lots of pretty pictures... focus, focus, focus.

  4. I love viewing you tiny motifs and seeing the colors you put together !