Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Duchess - Ready To Go

I hope somebody out there in Tat-Land is interested in tatting 
The Duchess, 
as I think it is a pretty pattern.
Says me!

It is also fairly straightforward and easy to tat.

I have listed it in my Etsy Shop.

It has been test-tatted by four wonderful tatting buddies:

Thank you very much for test-tatting this for me.

Ladytats said she thought it would be pretty as a snowflake with only six repeats. That is a great idea!  Especially in white, with beads. Beads!  Beads! Beads!

Also, you can see it has been tatted without the doodad by Margaret and Ladytats, tatting a ring and picots instead.  Options are good.


  1. Hi Fox

    It's a great pattern and you should be proud of it, I enjoyed test eating it, and yes it would make a lovely snowflake.
    Love as always to Gian

  2. I also enjoyed tatting this pattern. I like your name for it. Thanks very much.

  3. The Duchess is a very pretty pattern - Congratulations! The variety of threads your test tatters chose shows how great it looks in whatever color it's made. I, too, think it would make a great snowflake with only six repeats. Great job, Fox!

  4. The Duchess is beautiful! It may be my new favorite. The test tatters did a great job too. Love all the colors. You are doing such a good creating beautiful new designs.

  5. Pretty pattern! I like the variations your test tatters made, they individualise the motif.

  6. Great work! Each of the test pieces came out beautifully, but I most like the colors of your Duchess.