Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rockin' through the 'Rose Window'

Rose Window
Design by Karey Solomon
#40 Lizbeth

Such a pretty pattern and such a relaxing tat.  
I am doing this one again but with 
three different kinds of beads,
in a different colourway.

So far, I  am really 
liking what I am tatting.

Someone else?  
Not so much.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, Diane, but that is not my favourite look! It would be eye-catching though with the black...
      Fox : )

  2. Hey, Gian, don't those bead tubes make the best noise when you roll them around? And they fit so perfectly in your jaws. Some human really had cats in mind when they designed those, didn't they? Now you just be sure and carry it off someplace where she can't reach it!

    Your buddy,


    1. Doing my best, Squijum! I'm working on the lid. She hasn't seen me yet... ; ))
      Your pal,

  3. I'm thinking that he's actually more of a green person!

    1. Oh boy! I have been all over the Internet looking up 'green person'! Maureen, i think you have to explain to me what you mean!!!

      This dyslexic thing I live with means I hear and read everything VERY literally! (That is why it takes me AGES to understand things) So, I am baffled at your comment!
      Fox : 0

  4. This is so beautiful, and I adore the colors together, absolutely beautiful!