Thursday, September 13, 2012

Out of Nowhere!

With thanks to Diane for the doodad, I have created this!  
What do you think?

The Duchess

The doodad is about 1/2" across.  
Thread is #40 Lizbeth


  1. I like this one!! Love what the Josephine knots does to the pattern.

  2. Really awesome!!! :) And I love the autumn colors!!! :)

  3. Tout est très joli, votre dentelle, la couleur et l'estampe
    Bravo à vous

  4. What do I think? I think it is *adorable*! I find the way the tatting mimcs the doodad particularly pleasing.

    So, I have a question to all taking part in Diane's doodad double dare (I hope it is ok to ask here!):

    - How are you using the pieces? (apart from earrings, of course. I see several earrings, and they are super cute, but how do you use the bigger motifs? I want to make a bigger motif, but I would love to know how I will be using it so I can choose appropriate colours, and I just can't think of anything else but earrings...)

  5. I LOVE Tat-land! Thank you for the encouraging comments. I am re-tatting this to see if I can neaten it up, now that I know what I am doing. It is a fairly simple pattern, but the tension matters a lot!

    I hope to write it up soon, (after the h-a-n-k-i-e-!) which should be not too bad a chore as I have all my notes.

    Monica - Who knows how folks use the doodad pieces! I do nothing with mine except for one pendant that I made - Lillian. I just think they are fun to tat! Ever since I did 'Heart for Misha' I have enjoyed fooling around with doodads. (Sounds a bit lurid, no?!!)

    Miranda, THANK YOU for noticing the layered bit!

    Merci, Everyone, once again. Your support is so important to my creative process and I do appreciate it!
    Fox : )

  6. Hi Fox,

    this is a very pretty design.

    Greetings Ela

  7. I like it! The doodad coordinates well with the flowers on the outmost layer. Very nice indeed, Fox!

  8. Very pretty. I like the ways the doodads are being used.

  9. Hi Fox

    I love it, the colours are beautiful and brilliant pattern well done.
    Love to Gian
    Take care

  10. Very pretty. Where do you get your center do dad from? I can't find them with the right amount of connections on them. Please?

    1. Barbara, I received some from Diane, who was sending them all over for folks that needed doodads. I find mine in a store in Toronto:

      They have EVERYTHING!

      You can tat a ring with 8 picots instead of using the doodads - then you get the size you want!
      Fox : )