Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lillian Pattern Debut!

The pattern has been written and test-tatted by intrepid tatters,
Miranda and Wendy - Thank you both so much!

It is now available in my Etsy shop.

Miranda tatted this version in Krystle's Thunderheart HDT

Wendy tatted this one.

It is a versatile motif as it changes its look which with each thread and finding or doodad or...
...we need a new word, says Frivole.... how's about ornatat? (ornament/tat) or tatament?


  1. This is really pretty, and I am glad to see you have an etsy now :) good start, and I look forward to seeing what else you put in there, grats on 2 new patterns in there :)


  2. I love it! Each center is unique. Each color is beautiful. I'm off to shop!

  3. Hi Fox
    I like tatament, new word great idea.
    Lovely pattern and looks nice in both threads.
    Oh and I forgot love to Gian

  4. Thanks, All, for the beeezy , upbeat comments today!

    Love the mood on the blog when I opened it this a.m. Hope the day goes as well!
    xxooxx Fox : )

  5. That is a really nice pattern, each tatters interpretation makes it unique, as well as the added finding.
    Tatament might just work. we will have to see if it picks up as quickly as doodad he he

  6. Testament I think is the better of the two words although I do like doodad! When did all this tatting with doodads start? I've been out of it for awhile due to having a baby now he's 12 weeks am just getting back into having time to look rather than actually do something but hopefully that will come soon!

    Pattern is very nice too.

    1. LittleBerry,
      Congratulations! How wonderful. Yes, if you are not exhausted, tatting an be your friend now! You will have NO time, but snatching a few minutes for a ds or two might be relaxing.

      The doodads? I started referring to them in August with my Evelyn and Athalia patterns, and then Diane picked up the doodad ball and ran with it, throwing out the challenge to all Tat-land, shipping out loads of doodads to the interested. It has been fun!

      I am just now trying to design a new pattern using one of Diane's lovely offerings.

      Rest up and have fun with your brand new, little boy!
      and.... Happy Tatting!
      Fox : )

    2. Thanks Fox for the congrats and answer...

      Yes am finding I can snatch a few minutes here and there for a few ds's especially when I feed him. Luckily I haven't forgotten how to do a DS and make it flip!