Saturday, September 8, 2012


Thank you to all who entered the draw and congrats to Val and Gemini!
I need your mailing addresses right away and I will mail the packages promptly.

A note to Val - I think I need the red Valdani sample in order to finish Linda's Coronet Doily!  I made so many errors I had to cur out a chunk and was worried I would not have enough - oh, the horror! 

So I raided the packet that was ready for the draw and replaced that thread with lilac Lizbeth #40, with my apologies for any visual confusion!

I believe at the last give-away I had, either the first one or the last entry was chosen, and this was a surprise, as I and others had the thought that those entries never get drawn.  

Here is the same scenario; Gemini is the last name, entered at the last moment! 
I suppose the message in all this is 'never say never!'