Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marvellous May Mandala

..well, maybe just a motif but I liked the sound of that!  Sort of Spring-like and happy - like this bit of vintage tatting from a pattern in an Anne Orr book.

#9   HDT is Fancy Fields #40 by Tat-ilicious

This pattern reminds me of Gina - I think she would have loved it. Remember her heart pattern, with mignonette tatting? It was my first attempt at a pattern with so many bare threads.    

Here is her motif that I tatted in 2010:
(Good grief!  I have been blogging long 
enough to refer to ‘early’ works!  Scary!)

That piece taught me to really appreciate some of the old books and vintage patterns that I had overlooked before.

I forget about them and then every so often am reminded of how pretty they can be.


  1. Anne with an E - and you call yourself a Canadian! But you're still a kindred spirit! Suneeti

    1. hehe! I missed the typo, but loved the reference!

      Lovely work, Fox. I am not keen on bare thread, but I do appreciate the mandala like qualities of some tatted motifs. Very cool.

  2. What a different result, when you tat something in colors. In these vintage pattern books everything is white - I love them actually . But when the tatted pieces come out in colors, they look like made after an other pattern. It's amazing. I love your colorful Mandala!

  3. Isn't it amazing how color can transform some of those vintage patterns? You've taken a design that I never looked twice at in the book and turned it into something really stunning.

  4. I was just thinking that about colors and patterns too. There are patterns that I look at and then look past and then someone tats them in some beautiful color combination and it makes it look so completely different! You did a great job Fox!

  5. I've been looking at some of these old patterns myself....Ann Orr in fact, how funny!
    Your "early" work is FAB!

  6. This is gorgeous - the colors make the pattern pop!

  7. Your marvellous May mandala makes my May-mind happy and makes me (s)miling :) at 1st of May! Many May-thanks via mail, my friend!

  8. I love how the Fancy Fields looks with the yellow. Like a little ray of sunshine.. :o)

  9. I like both your Mandala and your heart. very pretty indeed. I do very little bare thread work, don't know why, just never seems to appeal to me, but I do like these 2.
    must be the colors.

  10. Wow, holy cow, those are both totally gorgeous!!! I love the open work & the colors!! Note to self: find that booklet for future tatting! :-)

  11. Hi Fox

    You are very right both are beautiful, and the heart is a lovely reminder, as you remember I did this pattern on my blog as a tribute to her, yours has beautiful colours.

    The old patterns do need to come out of the cupboard from time to time


  12. I have some Anne Orr books but you have made her tatting come to life, love the colours.

  13. I love Anne Orr patterns but do not seem to have any if her books! So lovely!! I adore your heart too. I have been thinking of Gina, too!