Friday, June 9, 2017

Practice While Waiting For Thread

I ordered two balls of#40 Lizbeth. Yes indeed. New thread. In the meantime, I had some #40 left from the winter projects:

It's a small one -only about 2"; Karey Solomon's pattern and fun to tat. 

My tension is good, the picots smaller, and I enjoyed the experience of concentrating on a very small project, thus being able to be more of a perfectionist.  

Working for months on a big pattern can wear be a bit tiresome and I think my technique suffers as a result. This was fun. :)


  1. Sweet motif! Good break from a big project.

  2. Two gorgeous motifs, well done they are looking perfect
    Love to Mr G

  3. Holy Guacamole, Fox . . . those look so perfect. Each stitch looks just . . . perfect. It looks almost architectural.

    Speaking of perfect . . . Where is Mr. Perfect G these days? Perhaps visiting in Fiji or Barbados? Backpacking in Bali? Tanning in Tunisia? Swimming in Sweden? Missing those blue eyes! ! ! ;)

  4. Thread is never enough:))))
    Lovely pattern!

  5. Oh yes those two look perfect, well done.