Monday, June 19, 2017

Buttons Bonanza

I seem to have been busy with "fiddly" tatting that I generally do not enjoy, 
and I seem to be having a very good time nonetheless:

There were two more, but they are the "magic" ones, 
now residing with the Toronto Grands.

Then, a small Jon Yusoff pattern:

Then, I caved and tried Diane's Ice Drop:

The beautiful wee button is from Ninetta and is Venetian glass.
She sent it to me a few years ago and I've been saving it. :)


  1. Ah, you've succumbed to the ice drop trend, well done! I really like the Jon motif, lovely.

  2. Your buttons are fabulous! I'm flattered that you finally caved and tried an Ice Drop. :-)

  3. Great buttons!!! :)
    Very pretty motif!!! :)
    Wonderful Ice Drop!!!! :) Be careful, it can be addicting!!! :)

  4. Oh! Look at all those buttons! And an Ice Drop! That is a lovely little button you used for that, too. You always do such pretty work.

  5. I love the buttons! And of course, the ice drops. I'm with you - don't usually like the "fiddle" stuff, but these are both quite fun. Jon Yusoff has wonderful patterns, doesn't she?

  6. delightful buttons, rings, drops, etc. : )

  7. I like the idea of making frivolity with buttons, it makes different and original.