Friday, June 16, 2017

And One More

I'm getting the hang of it! Got a new ball of thread - Lizbeth #40.

Nice to have a new colour. However, not so terrific to see Lizbeth still splits and has knots...😡


  1. Love the green beads with the purple thread.

  2. I'm with you Jane, love those colors. Sorry about all the splits and knots. I don't use much Lizbeth.

    1. I love tatting these things! If not Lizbeth, what do you use? There are so few threads to buy - especially coloured threads...

  3. Ooo! Pretty! I haven't tried that inside a ring yet. Sorry to hear you still have trouble with Lizbeth.

  4. Oh, I am really sorry your fighting with the thread. Thats rather odd, I have never had any problem using Lizbeth. For me it is the best thread I ever used. O.K. I tried only size 20 and 10:))
    Lovely little motifs!