Saturday, October 31, 2015


Well, this was definitely fiddly galore! So many picots and chains and the thread while tatting tended to get stuck between chains. I won’t be tatting this again!

Shall I go on about how the thread twisted and snarled? How it broke and knotted? How it had slubs and got very thin after being twice the thickness? How my words burst forth with four-letter blasphemous vigour? Perhaps not...

Also, I am using up the dreaded Lizbeth thread and I do NOT like the colours in this motif one bit. But, I did persevere and finish and for that alone I am pleased. And the Lizbeth dwindles.

Lizbeth #80
Measures 7”
One of those free vintage online patterns 


  1. I dunno . . . I kind of like the sherbet colors! Darn, now I'm hungry . . . gotta go get some ice cream! ;) Sorry the pattern was so fiddly, but it is pretty!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your troubles, it is good to know the troubles you have had. 7 inches is a good size for a clockface.

  3. I didn't heard anything not repeatable here, an advantage watching the silent cinema! the snowflake is lovely.

  4. It's a lovely vintage pattern, I think it might have been better without the black but I can understand why you don't like it, you just don't get on with lizbeth thread.
    Love to Mr G

    1. Gee, does the centre really look black? That would be even worse than the dark green I used! : ))

  5. Pretty pattern! I can see how it would be fiddly but your work is lovely as usual!

  6. I do like the look of the pattern and I think if you stitched it down to a blue jean purse it would look great the blue a a background would help. Well it is beautiful and one day there will be a use for it I am sure :) I do understand the picots getting caught that happens to me all the time and it slows ya down!

  7. Not crazy about the green in it, but it's gorgeous anyway!!! :)

  8. It is a lovely looking pattern but I can see it might be interesting to make. I like it much better on the dark background though the green doesn't show up very well. Maybe a bit too much contrast in threads? Maybe you can find a place to use it that has a bowl or vase that covers the center??? :-)