Friday, October 2, 2015

Armenian Addiction

All last night, as I was adding motifs to this:

after I had tatted Karey Solomon’s little motif, which was - sorry Karey - very fiddly and had a mistake tin the pattern that took me ages to figure out:

Fun threads from Ninetta - VERY tiny.
Shoddy work by yours truly.

I kept wondering if I should get some ... #10 thread to work the Armenian Lace while I am learning, because the skinny stuff is difficult and unwieldy for me to handle.

Behold wonkiness:

It is a motif though,  and in the round; I am very pleased with myself! There are a lot of new things in this little piece and it is still not finished. Im tempted to ditch it and start a new one, but I want to complete the pattern and maybe my muscle memory will co-operate: maybe.

Well, Aunt Lydia won out and I got some. WOW it is thick! But look what I managed in about 5 minutes, whereas the centrepart of the white one above took hours.

This knotting lace is very addictive and I am enjoying it immensely, even though I am using a ...gasp... needle! I have even ordered a packet online as I am fearful that I might have a tantrum if I lose the only good one I have, and You Know Who would not enjoy the drama.

Back to the thread from Ninetta. That bit of thread was hidden away in this absolutely fabulous package which just arrived this morning...

All those little pieces fit into the big one, which is a wonderful size to pack up tatting to travel. Everything has a place. Beautifully made and very much appreciated. Thank you, Ninetta! It all is a treasure.

Ninetta’s tatting, with very small thread, is really something to see in real life. She included these pieces and they are gorgeous. Very inspiring. And looking at my Karey Solomon piece, I could use a lot of inspiration.

Tatting by Ninetta Caruso


  1. It makes sense to use a thicker thread when learning. Exciting to get a parcel! I especially like the gold motif with beads.

  2. Wonderful! Lucky you. And all those little pouches look great too. Your JS piece is starting to look very substantial and I like the mix of coffee colours you have chosen.

  3. Still loving that doily!! :) You are doing an amazing job on it!!! :)
    Great try on that motif!!! :)
    Wonderful package there!! :)

  4. Well, I haven't been here for ages! I *love* the Armenian lace and now want to learn. I can see that is going to be a new passion! Maybe I will even get around to blogging about it, although so much has changed in my life, I have totally given up my tatting blog. I return to bobbin lace classes on Monday, so I must wind some bobbins this weekend....blah, blah, blah.

    1. So good to see you online, Snowy! Come to the Land of Armenian Lace avec moi! : ))

  5. Your doily is looking beautiful,
    What a lovely package, and such beautiful motifs, love the heart,
    Your lace is coming along, I can see you starting a new craze amogst the tatters
    Love to Mr G

  6. That coloured thread was gift I had from a friend, I blogged about it in March, it's 100% cotton, too much soft for tatting but love those colours, the problem was the thread I think not the pattern nor the tatter :-) Venne Colcoton Multicolour. When I googled it, I found a site, where a talented artist shows her miniature knitting made using that type of yarn: Thank you for nicely reviewed my tatting...