Friday, February 28, 2014

Instructionally Incompetent

That would be me. I cannot follow a pattern! I mean, how difficult is that little heart posted on Frivole’s blog this a.m.?

When I received LaCossette's amazing tartan shuttle this morning, I loaded it up immediately with a new thread - Venus  #80 - sent to me be a good friend. Tatting that little heart seemed a good plan.

But, as I had opened my mail with the shuttle in a coffee shop, I became distracted with my tatting after I engaging in a rollicking discussion about Toronto's infamous mayor!

Needless to say, the tatting suffered and the Venus thread did not help the situation.  With it, I found it difficult to close rings.

However, just look at the wonderful shuttle!

It's a beauty, isn't it? 

Later, here is what I managed, with a disastrous
 4 ds mistake at the very beginning of the pattern:
I was concentrating so hard on the size of the dss in my rings that I really messed up those chains. Sigh... it's always something!

Lastly, last evening I tried out my fab Doctor Who shuttle:



  1. Venus 80 twists the wrong way - Z, or S, or whatever it's supposed to be for tatting - it's the other way! So closing rings is terribly difficult. Someone advised me, years ago, to keep my stock of it for chains only. I believe the size 40 doesn't have this problem.
    I, too, saw that little heart this morning, but am single-mindedly sticking to Maids of Honour which I restarted for the umpteenth time on Thursday. It will be done.

    1. Thanks for that, Maureen. I thought it was me... And maybe a BIT of the Venus! Good to know!

    2. Hmm.... I tat with it all the time and don't have a problem. Maybe I sent you the one sample that was a dud....sorry?
      Tartan shuttle is gorgeous! (as usual - beware of imitations!) and good to see the Doctor at work!
      Off I go to tat---- 8 hours left at work and NOTHING to do!

  2. well, if it is twisted the wrong, way, can you not wind the shuttle from the other end?---- meaning pull off the amount you need, then start to wind from the end you cut.

    You know Fox, if you wouldn't be so picky and tell us what is wrong, most of the time, no one would notice. he he, your tatting is to nice and your projects so well done, we would simply overlook any small foibles.

  3. Hi Fox

    That's is one if the most beautiful shuttles I have seen, beautiful tartan colour,
    Ok your first heart went a bit wonky, but the next one will be great, just keep that in mind.
    Lovely little motif at the bottom, looks delightful.
    Love to Gian

  4. Gorgeous tats, mistakes and all. Really neat that you have a Dr. Who shuttle!

  5. Both your shuttles are beauties. When I look at tatting, I see only its wonderful undulations, and I usually can't spy any errors, even if I'm told where to look! Love the heart and the motif.

  6. That little heart is really cute! I have only tried tatting with Venus thread (size 80) once a long time ago. I don't remember having a hard time closing rings, but I do remember it not being easy to work with. If I recall it did not seem as smooth as DMC 80. Since I probably have a WIP somewhere with that thread, I most likely will have a chance to familiarize myself with the thread at some point in the future. If I ever get back to it...

  7. Thanks for the great comments, Tatters!
    Fox : )

  8. I love what Dr Who did to that blue variegated yarn!

  9. I feel like this almost all the time...stay strong, it looks great to me!! :)

  10. I find Venus to be impossible to close on rings although I love the beautiful colours. Interesting what Maureen says about it. At the moment I am using Majestic thread which seems to be similar, but it's going better than with Venus...perhaps it's me?

    1. I feel better knowing others had the ring -closing situation as well.

      For me, Majestic is also somewhat difficult as I think it is thinner than other # 80s. I find it comparable to Oren Bayen

  11. Sometimes I can tat and talk and sometimes I can't - it depends on the subject of the conversation :-) Love the two shuttles! Too bad that Dr. Who shuttle didn't come with a TARDIS so you could go back and fix the problems with the tatting ;-)