Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Woo Who! It's The Doctor!

You are wondering what I am on about? 
My mail today was mystifying...

I saw it had originated Down Under, so this meantby clever deduction, that my good buddy, Liyarra was up to her old tricks. Sure enough:

Ever since I posted about this, here, I have been wanting one of these snd then Liyarra displayed her wonderful shuttle on her blog. I was drooling with envy! And just look what I now have. : )) Geronimo!

That is not the only treat from Canada Post. From Tally Tatty came this delightful surprise:

I have always wanted to see a Burda publication and amazing that I have my own.

Well, with my brand new shuttle (with many thanks to Liyarra's talented co-conspirator, LaCossete) and all that lovely new thread, I must surely now get to work!

Thank you both so much. I am a happy, lucky and grateful tatter. : )


  1. Ooo, lucky you! Such wonderful goodies. That is a fantastic shuttle!

  2. Wonderful gifts! - I, too, have been the recipient of a Liyarra/Cossette conspiracy. I'll be interested in hearing how your Dr Who Prym shuttle works - is it easy to wind?
    All that new thread, all at once - what riches. Enjoy playing!

  3. Let me guess, there is going to be a lot of tatted pieces showing up soon with that new shuttle of yours! :)

  4. You are one lucky lass! Enjoy your presents!

  5. I can hardly wait to see all the lovely things you tat with the new shuttle, thread, and book.

  6. New shuttle with new threads and new patterns. . . . How exciting !

  7. You may have written it earlier, but I just want to ask what kind of shuttle it is. Is there any particular brand? Very delicious! Like it"

  8. Hi Fox

    New thread, new patterns and a new shuttle oh wow you lucky girl, can't wait see what you do with it all.
    Love to Gian

  9. Thanks, Tatters! I know I am very lucky and will enjoy it all. : )

  10. Mail Treasures are the BEST!! Enjoy. I look forward to lots of yummy eye candy.

  11. You are most welcome Fox.Had to have someone to share the madness with!! LaCossette is brilliant at keeping secrets!!
    Now do not say you have no thread or inspiration for patterns!! LOL

    And.......thank you for my gift(s) too!!
    Off to tat now!! xo

  12. I am SOOO jealous. Every time LaCossette gets a new shuttle at her Etsy store, it is gone in a day or two--sometimes in an hour or two!!!

    Enjoy your riches!

    1. It’s a beauty, Grace, that never made it into the shop.

      Liyarra conspired with LaCossette to make it. Then Liyarra sent it to me as a surprise, as I am a Doctor Who fanatic.