Friday, December 28, 2012

Playing Up ‘Posy'

                           noun:a posy of snowdrops and violetsbouquetbunch (of flowers)spraynosegay,corsage; boutonniere.
I did not realize that posies were to be snowdrops or violets,and had nonetheless chosen this mauve thread because A) it is new and B) because I wanted the motif to look anything but Christmas-y as this next one does:
Pattern by Mary Konior             #20/100 MC                 Lizbeth #40   

I was so pleased with the older one below, which I tatted before Christmas and intended to keep it for myself, but then gave it to my daughter-in-law, who loves wreaths, instead. 
Posted December 13 So, I HAD to tat myself another... and then just one more in mauve. Such a lovely pattern.
Here is a comparison of the two #40’s. I always assumed that Olympus was a lot bigger than the Lizbeth #40, but it is actually just minimally larger.

Thread UpdateNewest Favourite Thread: Olympus. 
I had forgotten how brilliant it is to work with. It is too bad that the selection of colours is so limited,because the quality is really superb.


  1. Oh, yes, Olympus is fabulous. You make me want to get some more, although I do have a few balls of it already.

    I had always thought it was more like a size 20 or 30. Thanks for demonstrating that it's not.

  2. I've never tried the Olympus. Maybe I'll order one with my next Handy Hands order and try dying some. :o)
    I love your Posies!!

  3. Very pretty in mauve Fox. I like both versions, it's such a great pattern.

  4. I have not heard of this thread, but your demonstration shows that's its not that different to Lizbeth thread, when tatted in size, pity I can't feel the difference.
    Lovely colour and of course the pattern is one of Mary's great patterns.
    Love to Gian

  5. I love this motif - and it's nice to see it in another color, as I always think of it as a Christmas wreath. I don't believe I've ever used Olympus thread, but now I may have to try some :)

  6. those are pretty Posies Fox. I like the spring feeling of the mauve one. And the Christmas wreath in green.

  7. I haven't tried Olympus thread yet.....something to look forward to.....The posies look fab in the mauve, too. Like spring........wishing

  8. Lovely color combinations and such fine work.

  9. I love Posy done up as a wreath! Maybe I'll tat Christmas wreaths for next year.

    I do love Olympus, but Hakelgarn remains my all-time favorite. I really should tat up what I have before the thread goes bad. ;-)

  10. both are very pretty! i love the purple. it's unique. u have a way with the beads too. :)

  11. This is my current favorite "go to" pattern and I so like the way you've made it up. Not sure I want to plan how many beads in the right order, so will have to use just one color of beads if I try it with beads. Oh, I like yours. Maybe you're convincing me!? Karen in OR

    1. Karen,
      The only way I can get the order right is to draw it! Even then, I had to try about twice, with LOTS of counting to get the right amount of beads strung and in the correct order! If I can do it, anyone can!

      Thanks for looking. : )