Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weary Fox!

Why, oh why do I have to try?  Why can't I just DO!  This is getting to be a 'bloody bore', as my mom would say. - all the belly-aching and snivelling....  Good news is, I have finished the exercise - yes, finished it, but I'm afraid it is not worthy of being sent in. Grief!

I will visit a craft store today to get another ball of the thread that I am to use for this project;  I have used up almost a full one with all the 'trying'.  This new thread will be of a different colour and will only be used for 'doing'!  I am earnestly hoping the different colour will be in inspiration, as I am SICK of the old one!  I know you all know EXACTLY what I mean!  : ))

The only other thing I am working one - and that is a plus, being only one - is coming along just fine.

This is fun to tat and is great for listening to audio-books.  Anybody out there do this?

I am seriously addicted to this pastime.  Being a tremendous reader, tatting has come between me and the printed page.  So, a friend suggested the library on line, and I have been an audio-book fanatic for almost a year!

Just finished Aloft by Chang- rae Lee, and I found it to be absolutely wonderful - a masterpiece of the written word.

If anyone would like a list of the books I have listened to, drop me a line and we can swap titles.  I am always up for a recommendation.

Off to the craft store....



  1. Hey Fox!
    Well YAY for getting the final exercise done! I hope the color change will bring a fresh perspective and that you will be pleased with the finished product and feel it's worthy of review. You are doing GREAT!

    Your other project is looking SO pretty! Aloft sounds like an interesting book. I still listen to audio books sometimes. It is SUCH a nice way to unwind!

    :) Ann

  2. Hhmmmm . . . that Master phase is scaring me and I haven't even completed the Artisan phase yet! Yikes. Your second go at it will provide perfect results after all that practice - and some NEW thread! Good Luck!

    My reading is also hampered by my obsession with tatting, sewing, crocheting - there just aren't enough hours in a day! Audio books sound great - I've thought about it but haven't tried it yet. I'm thinking I would be forever re-winding (or whatever it might be called now) with all the interruptions around here . . .

  3. Hi Fox, Just letting you know that I received the giveaway in the mail today. Once again thankyou so very much. As soon as I can I will put the pic's on my blog as the camera is playing up.

  4. Oh WoW can't wait to see the finished tatting! Looks sooo pretty!

    I like to listen to a variety of things when I'm tatting, knitting, crocheting or just sitting out gardening or fishing.

    Congrats on the exercise!

  5. I can really understand you getting sick of one colour. I changed colours in mine and it worked out to be the best piece, even tho it wasn't my preferred colour. A new colour will often just lighten you up!
    Way to go, keep at it...but take a break in between TAT projects...they are so stressful but great learning experiences.