Monday, February 15, 2010

Design by Default

Motif Challenge # 24

With apologies and thanks to Sharon,   who posted the 'Simple Heart' on Wednesday. I have managed to complete my own ...hmmmm.... version of the heart.  

It started auspiciously enough, with a good pace and a happy heart myself, but I got to daydreaming (probably just too cocky) and relaxed into completely missing the deviation point of the pattern.  So, a new plan was needed because I was too lazy to rewind and to start over.

I have not done much winging it, as I am still trying to learn the ground rules before I break them, but this was a good opportunity to test myself. Oddly it was Sharon's piece that it happened to -  she being the advocate of design making!

I showed both upside down versions - not sure which is better, or if they both kind of work.
Enough procrastination! Back to the course.....



  1. You did a very nice job! It looks like a heart and reminds me of tiffany glass windows.(hey there you go call them Tiffany glass hearts!) Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appricate it.

  2. This looks architectural, perhaps even a bit Moorish to me. Well done! Even if it wasn't precisely the heart you had in mind. (Or was it? Your inner tatter may have been acting out!)

    Tuck this one away for future design inspiration. It is lovely and the colors are FABOO!

    Put a few of these beauties around a central motif and you've got yourself a lovely new doily.

  3. Hi Fox. Thanks for the great comment. I send you email yesterday but it just came back to me, so I resend it to you on Etsy.
    This motif came out quite well, you should definitely display it on your lamp, colors are amazing.
    How is your hand?

  4. Hi Fox!
    Love the colors you used together - very striking! Your impromptu design produced a nice shape and you even added beads. I had to zoom in to see HOW MANY beads... still can't believe that was not ONE purple crystal on your large cross! Even knowing there are three, it still reads as one large crystal to me!

    I think you did a great job reinventing this motif. I am still in the cut and run stage when I make a mistake that I can't live with. Ran screaming for the hills last night in fact...

    :) Ann

  5. This is how a lot of designs are birthed! Great job. Now...are they earrings?

  6. Well, many thanks, you guys! I was surprised at the response to this impromptu, first design and most encouraged! I had debated with myself if I should even post it - glad I did!
    Fox : ))