Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well, I have been fooling around with the design of this blog all afternoon - avoidance, I think! I have to start to post if I am indeed going to carry through with this blogging thing. I am going go have to get some help on how to get hold of the controls on just the technical stuff. Hopefully, won't take to long and I can concentrate on what I am here for - the tatting talk!

This occupied my day yesterday, as far as the shuttles were concerned. Still have to tie in those pesky ends.... The pattern is from "Tatting" by Myra Piper and is fast and fun in Cebelia #20. I notice that what would have taken me DAYS, a few weeks ago took only a few short hours.

There has been a jump in my comprehension and speed, all of a sudden, after eight months of a pretty steep learning curve. Finally, my shoulders are beginning to inch down from around my ears.

The Cluny pattern is there, however, on my table, waiting for me to eat my words!

Okay. Enough for post number one. Scary stuff, but here goes!!!!!



  1. Fabulous work, Fox!!! Hey this is an awesome first post! My first 2 or 3 posts didn't even have photos! LOL!

  2. Hi!
    Great work there.
    And a warm welcome to the Blog-world.
    It' warned!!!!

  3. Thanks TattingChic and Vinnie. What wonderful and timely acknowledgments!
    xxooxx Fox : )

  4. Great Work!

    Nice choice of color and patterns.

  5. Make sure not to hunch over too much, as it could lead to lower back problems. Just looking out for your posture, Foxy Tots -- grab a cup of hot tea, sit back, shoulders relaxed and get to it.

    Looking forward to the many creations (or tats) our household they call it Torts...but that's another blog altogether.

    Congrats on a great start -- it feels like a pro already. Keep it up and let me know if you need any hockey fans visiting the site.

    Let's Go Tatting!!!!


  6. Go Tats Go, or Let's Go Tatters .. .. It's all good!

    Thanks so much for checking in on "tat-ology" and for your kind words and support! I need all the encouragement I can get - especially from your keen and perceptive eye.

    Yours in Puck and Shuttle,
    Fox : )

  7. Foxy, this is good... really good. I have a feeling that Fox Shots is going to take a hiatus. xo

  8. Thank you so much, Shutter! I'm afraid it's already happened! This blogging thing is a time-guzzler! LOL!

  9. Pretty motif. I saw another motif out there in tat land by Myra Piper just recently. I am going to have to look for this book.

    Have a great day!

  10. Carol,
    Hi! Its a super little book - you'll like it. Full of little motifs that will not eat up all your time - unless you do them one after another!

    Thanks for the visit!