Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exit With Goodies

Something odd has happened. I seem to be noticing things that NEVER in a million years would I have given a glance to: bead and fabric stores.

I used to break out in hives at the entrance to each of these establishments. My haunts are bookstores, hardware stores and libraries.

So, when I hunch over; when my eyes narrow into a thin, suspicious squint; when I ball up my fists in my packet and enter these places, I feel like a criminal or a social pariah. Alien in strange land!

I have no good explanation for the emotional response. And, let me tell you , the new persona does NOT inhibit my parting with hard-earned cash as I exit with goodies!

The Goodies:
1) Something called"findings". I knew them only from literature. Now I have my very own personal stash. For what, I know not.

2)Beads. Colourful, cheap beads. Bead to decorate my little tatting tools. Acquiring these, I can forgive, as they are useful hanging there, lending stability to the tool in my hand.

But, just look at that bag of them! Perhaps I am morphing with each tatted picot into a RAVEN!

~Fox ~

~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots) ~


  1. hmmmm....a little early for a tatting intervention...continue to have fun. :-)

  2. The beads used in the top-right are the very same I top my peacock feather earrings with. Great minds think alike? (Or great minds shop at Arton?)

  3. Gina, Oh, indeed I am! Thanks for the visit!

    Diane, Yes, I must agree! Fun is good ! : )

    Arton, Shmarton - it's all in a bead.... Beads make you feel like a Queen .....Street.
    heh, heh....

  4. Hi Fox, Have fun with your new supplies!!

    Did you paint the Raven picture? It sure looks like a Raven picking up the very same beads you just bought! Nice!

  5. Carol - I WILL have fun - eventually!

    The raven? Don't tell anyone, but I found this online and noticed the same thing you did! The beads. To perfect a picture not to "borrow" for my post!