Thursday, April 23, 2009

TATRICIDE: Hanging By A Thread

Seems to me, that is my current state. Late hours, learning how to be a blogger and trying to get some tatting done, get my reading done, catch up on phone calls, and finish a blanket for my grandson.

The latter is crocheted, and I am LONG past wanting to do anything with the big hook, now that I have entered into TATRIMONY with the shuttle. GROAN - I know, bad.......

The good news is that I am really getting the hang of the Cluny leaf. Here is my latest attempt, not finished, but I am sooooo excited about how it is looking, after so many disastrous beginnings.
Whose thread is this? I forget , but I LOVE it. (the pink and peach) The green is Cebelia #20. Speaking of thread, I cannot believe that I have amassed so much HDT. This is the result of lurking at night on the Net with my Visa too close to the keys.......

I am going to start to use it, rather than hoard it. I realize I forget about it as it sits out of sight in a cupboard, and I use my ordinary thread most of the time. Enough of that!
From now on, I will commit TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots,) with this gorgeous stuff!


  1. Mmmmmm HDT!

    I just got my first skein today and I think I'm hooked.....but I was in danger of just letting it stay the way it was all pretty in it's neat little I made myself unwind it onto a card. This is the first time I'm haveing to choose a pattern to suit a thread color :-)

    Anyway, love your blog. good stuff.

  2. Hey Foxy,
    You've been busy. Nice work.
    The Shutter

  3. Hi Krystle,
    Thanks for reading tat-ology and for the comments. : ))

    I'm sure you will find a pattern for your new thread very soon! Isn't it fun? I bet you will have an order in for more HDT in no time...... it is sooooo addictive!

  4. Hi Shutter,

    Thanks so much for following and for responding.......

    Fox : )

  5. Very PUNNY! Ar ar ar ar ar!!! (seal laugh)

    Enjoy your new HDT from the main HDT dealers!

    Congrats on learning the cluny! You just dive right in, don't you! :)

  6. Hi TattingChic,
    Thanks! I love the plunge, especially when it is cushioned so wonderfully with yummy HDT!

    I'm done for! There is no end in sight..... I need MORE HDT!!!!!

    Fox the Avaricious!

  7. Can you please share with me where you found this pattern? I'm still convinced I've got to try the cluny.

  8. Bonnie, Sue Hanson's pattern: If you Google, "small motif using cluny leaves," you will see the pattern.
    Give it a go.... It is so much fun!
    : )