Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it Sometimes Easier to Read Than to Tat?

I mean, really. This is just over the top. That white binder, the fat one, is full of patterns I have downloaded. When do I think I am going to attempt even half of those?

Perhaps, I am trying to avoid the learning curve, as I pour over pages of pictures and instructions of other people's strategies, instead of actually picking up my shuttle.

Maybe this is an integral part of the process for those of us that love to savour
a new book. Maybe an essential component of learning a new craft is to crack open a cover, inhale the fresh print, and consume the secrets and delights that dwell inside. I have gleaned much from the wise teachings and esoteric diagrams that fill my tatterly library, lovingly built up over the past half year!

What has sprung from those pages into my shuttle? Well, PattyD's Mardi Gras design on InTatters:

Just look at all those split rings that go in all directions!

Then came the little tallies that I ADORE, whose construction completely eluded me. For months, I read about how to do that weird, cat-in -the-cradle, loom thing, till I read SuzanneM's blog, where she has a great, instructional video on Clunies - check it out -

Here are mine, newly tatted today. Not perfect, by any means, but I'm getting it! Finally!

The books, in conjunction with the Internet, and wonderful, helpful, patient and supportive online tatters, have been my instructors and my companions in this tatting adventure.

In a city of over four million people, I do not know anyone who tats.
Reading is sometimes easier than tatting, but I couldn't have learned to tat without the books.


  1. For me the "Tatter's Workbook" is my fave. Like I have stated truly is a 'walk threw someones past'....
    I really enjoy viewing your tatting...thank you for sharing as you do!

  2. Super job on the clunies. I have done them a few times, but they don't look as nice as yours. I need to practice them. Thanks for the link, I'll go check it out.

  3. Nancy: Thank you for commenting as you do! I really appreciate your visits.

    I like that book too - it's always inspiring and I love the layout.

    Carol: Thanks for the visit! Yes, check out "The Space Between." Suzanne's Cluny instructions are very good. Good Luck!

  4. Being a Biblophile, one can never have too many books. I KNOW I will never live long enough to tat all of those patterns; but, if someone needs a pattern in the future ~ it's a great resource!
    I have 4 1 1/2" to 3" (finally learned that is too large~)binders; and a stack of diskettes~
    I have a "how to/techniques" binder
    a Critters binder; Seasons & Holidays & jewelry binder; and the big binder is broken down into favorite designers.
    I love how you've grown with your gifted and learning so fast! I love HDT too...
    XX Bev in New Mexico
    aka: Ridgetatter

  5. Hi Bev!
    Thanks for the visit! Glad to know someone else is collecting the binders...
    : ) Fox

  6. Even "enough" is never enough when it comes to tatting :-) Not patterns, not shuttles, not threads (especially HDT), not time, and most definately not tatting friends!

  7. You said it, Bonnie! Most definitely, especially, the friends!
    : )) Fox