Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Idle Shuttles?

Can't  have that! I'm not sure what I want to do now, but have ordered 2 new balls of thread - both in #40 Lizbeth.  Two colours.

What should I tat with one ball, not two, of thread, I wonder. After a Renulek marathon-tat, the rest is quite a letdown.

I received some #20, sent to me by kind tatters, when I wanted to reacquaint myself with thicker-than-#80-thread. This is what happened. Now I am bored!

Mary Konior 
#20 Lizbeth

I saw these dot picots on Muskaan's blog... 
The pattern is on Georgia's site. Cute, eh?
#20 Lizbeth


  1. Idle shuttles, no your shuttles are not idle for long,
    Lovely square and motif, I have not tried the dot picots yet they are in my list to do,
    Your dot picots are lovely and neat.
    Love to Mr G

  2. Can be a bit of a let down when a big project ends. Enjoy contemplating the next project. Love these snippets. I like the dot picots and was surprised that they're much easier to work than I expected.