Friday, June 23, 2017

Confounding Curves

I had to use the scissors twice on the next bit as the curves 
were not co-operating well. 
It looks wonky but I think will 
lie flat when done:

I also finished this one - one of my faves...
Mary Konior's Posie:

I think you ll believe a exaggerate when complaining about Lizbeth, 
but honestly, I have SO MUCH trouble with it:

This happened at the last join of a row - of course it did...

Splitting terribly in #40. 
Maybe #20 is better and I think most tatters prefer that one. Or #80. 
Perhaps I should be using another size. I never learn.

Someone has been having a lovely lie-in...


  1. Your doily is looking wonderful!!! :)
    I think I remember having the same issues and it's hard to keep the chains smooth and relaxed!!! But I believe when the outer part is done is lays better. :)
    Your motif is pretty!! :)
    I have troubles with my Lizbeth too, but it's the best thread I have used so I just keep on going. I hope it gets better for you!! Oh, and size 40 is my preference, I think I am the odd one.

  2. I have definitely found 40 to be the splittiest! - you're quite right, 20 and 80 are better. Gorgeous colour, even so.My favourite has always been 30.

  3. I love that top one!
    My daughter and I are doing a doily together, same thread. It breaks for her when closing a ring but not for me ( if I tatted it, if she tats it, i can't close it either). We're going to do a comparison study of the same motif to see if her work is smaller.

  4. I've never used Lizbeth, I just admire their wonderful colours, like yours here.

  5. These are very pretty, Fox! Love the pic of the Mr! :)

  6. Beautiful work I think you got a bad batch and they should replace them but some how I don't think they will tat those beautiful motifs again for you.