Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tats and Tats


Getting pretty large.

Finished a bookmark as well
Pattern by Jon.

Lizbeth #20 and 2x#80 for ruffles edge

Got carried away...

Forgot to show you something. 

Remember a few years ago I had some dots tattooed on my finger for measuring picots, but they disappeared after a few weeks?

I was instructed that hand tattoos do not last; many places will not do them. 

Well, a year ago, I had a new one done and it is as good as it was the day I got it!

Voila! No one has apparently seen this little number. It was my idea as for me, I didn't like the band patterns that are so popular.

Blame it on Zentangle...


  1. I love the doilies and the tat for tatting :) but would love a picture of how you would use this because for me I would think it would be on my other hand.
    very curious tatter wants to know!

    1. Goodness! I didn't explain... this one is not for tatting! This one is just because. 😊

  2. I really like the turquoise beads with brown. Looks great. That tattoo is pretty cool too!

  3. Your doily is looking great! A Zentangle tattoo... very cool, but not something I'll ever get. I have an aversion to needles!

  4. A tattoo to measure picots? That's dedication!!

    1. ... A couple of blue dots on my right hand pointer finger. It worked well till the disappearing act!

  5. Love the brown and turquoise together.
    Lovely bookmark I think you made it for a very large book?
    Great tattoo, great design
    Love to Mr G

  6. Your doily is looking fabulous and the bookmark is wonderful!!! :)