Friday, March 31, 2017

Now At Nine

Yes, eleven inches and moving on to Row 9. However, there have been MANY errors, some due to neither reading the instructions completely nor correctly.

Began Row 8 about five times! I even wrote Renata to ask what I was doing wrong.

Here I am after much grinding of teeth: 

Also, I have thought of a perfect person to give this too! 
Makes it so much more worthwhile. 😊


  1. Teeth grinding must work-- it looks super! Love it! :-)

  2. It's very beautiful!!! :) You are doing great!! :)

  3. Errors or not it's looking lovely and it's looking lovely in that colour.
    Don't forget you had flu so you were not up to par so no wonder you made a few mistakes
    Love to Mr G

  4. You are zipping along! I just started round 8 today. I have someone in mind for mine also!

  5. Hmm, thanks for telling us it's tricky, I'll be extra careful when I get there. It's looking wonderful! Mine is still 'just because', it's good to have a destination in mind.

  6. It looks wonderful. Hate to remind you, but you *did* have the flu, and it takes longer than most of us realize to get back to being '100 percent' well. The color is not one in my usual palette, but it is very pretty. It reminds me of a slightly lighter brown that I had years ago - no color name, but it reminded me of café au lait. Yours would be a little less milk, a little more coffee, but the same 'look' to the color. I like it!
    Fond regards to Mr. G.