Monday, February 24, 2014

Stunning Stawasz

I was not expecting to be so... so... enamoured with this piece. You know, I think in the five years I have been tatting this is my absolute favourite of all the tatting I have done. I love it.

Maybe it is the colour; this is also my favourite palette. 

There are seven more repeats to be tatted. I am so glad I rounded the corners of these elements - the shape pleases me.

Plus, the Cèbèlia in the last row actually looks amazing with the beads. Can you tell I am happy about the way this has turned out?

The baby blanket is coming along. Laid out like this, I see I have accomplished a fair bit.


  1. Oh so elegant!!!!! :) You are doing a fabulous job on that doily!!!!! :)

  2. I like the Staswisz Doily, it is looking very nice. Those colors look so good. The blanket will be a favorite one I am sure.

  3. Ooooh, the Stawasz doily is looking lovely. I really like your color cominations.

  4. Your doily is beautiful! I can see why you're so enamored! You're making great progress with the baby blanket. The first one I made was a granny square. I didn't really know how to sew it together, and it fell apart the first time I washed it. Luckily, my mom was there to rescue me!

  5. Gorgeous doily! Those colors are beautiful. It's a great pattern - my eyes keep circling it taking in all of the details.

    The baby blanket will be very pretty. I like the nontraditional colors. Are you going to sash the squares together with white or one of the other colors?

    :) Ann

    1. Hi Ann!
      Thanks. I will use white, and hopefully I can halve the skein so it will not show. That is how I have attached crochet pieces in the past.

  6. I like the colours you used in the granny squares! Did I tell ya?!
    Yes, I agree the rounded 'corners' on the last row of the doily is pleasing to the eye, together with the colour. Awesome choices.

  7. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Tatters! Love the comments.
    Fox : )

  8. I just keep looking at this lovely doily every time you post an update. It keeps getting more gorgeous as you go!! Love the colors you are using it is truly stunning!

  9. That is one gorgeous doily! I really, really like it, too! The colors kind of remind me of Mr. G's eyes! ;)

    I like making granny squares . . . but, sewing them together? . . . Not so much! That is going to be one lovely baby blanket!

  10. This doily is beautiful and getting big needing the aerial shot! Who doesn't love granny squares and a baby blanket it such a cut Idea this is gonna be good!

  11. Hi Fox

    The doily is looking lovely and its a beautiful pattern well done
    The babies blanket is going to be a masterpiece
    Love to Gian

  12. That doily is a masterpiece, the colors are indeed the eyes of that great cat. The blanket looks very native Canadian to me, which makes a European girl dream,..Has the weather improved over there?

  13. The doily is definitely stunning! The colors work very well together.
    I can't wait to see the baby blanket all done. Last winter I thought about starting a granny square afghan. No idea where that came from, since I don't really crochet. For the time being, I will admire afghans that others make:)

  14. The doily is looking wonderful. The smoother edge definitely looks nicer than big 'teeth' on the outside. (Although *sometimes* - depending on the mood I'm in when I get to that point - the bit 'points' appeal to me, too.) Baby blanket is going to be lovely. The more squares you make, the nicer it gets. Regards to Mr. G.