Sunday, February 9, 2014

Banishing Blunders

Earlier, before the cutting began - snip, snip snip - -  - SOB - my counts were wrong, but if you have guessed the designer you will know why! So, who is it, Tatters?

I was almost half-way around the circle when I saw the mistakes I had made, which were really not that obvious. 

"No one will ever know," I thought, and kept tatting. Two elements later, I knew I just couldn't do it; I could not keep tatting, knowing the count was so skewed in the preceding repeats. If you follow this blog, you know EXACTLY how my mind manipulated this!

I had repeated the same mistakes over and over again in this round. It is so frustrating to realize you have to cut out the same miscounted bit yet again. What I was tatting was simply not an intuitive following of this pattern, so I trashed my paper copy and turned on the scanner.

With a clean copy, I re-counted the stitches, correcting my numbers and hoping my interpretation was accurate this time. I used different coloured markers for a new and better visual aid. 

So, here is where I have arrived. I seemed to have got the numbers right and the tatting is easier. Fingers crossed that I am not running out of thread again.

The centre motif is Cèbèlia, #30, from Sally; the light blue is Monica Braxton's HDT, which I ran out of, and the outer lovely turquoise is the last of the#40 Lizbeth, part if the remaining old stash I have nearly used up.


  1. Hi, Fox! It was nice to see Mr G in the last post! Looks like he is quite the helper! I am sorry to hear about more snipping! That must be very frustrating (did I hear some more colorful language? :) When I get ready to try my hand at tatting, I know I would have to make copies of the patterns (enlarged!) and make notes or color code with highlighters or something! :)

    But, it is really very pretty! I hope you have enough thread to finish the round!

    1. Thanks Willow!

      Yes, the coloured markers are essential and enlarging is also helpful. When are you going to JUST DO IT? : ))

  2. Well sorry you had to cut out work, and it would be nice if we all could catch our mistake early on. Sounds like a life lesson of somekind :) anyway glad you fixed it and it is beautiful to look at!
    from Carollyn

  3. I'm sorry you had to cut out so much work, but I understand perfectly how you would have always known it was there even if nobody else could see it. Most of us are by far our worst critic!

  4. That's what happens when you buy too many books and have no time to read through them. Can I have a look tomorrow? I am sleepy!

  5. Clearly I have not been Paying Attention; don't think it's an Iris Niebach design, it doesn't LOOK like one of Jan Stawasz'; I shall wait for the answer!
    Pretty colours, even if you are having to re-do some of it - it's going to be lovely.

  6. What a shame.. it looked so lovely too...
    Love the colors you are using.

  7. bummer on the cutting, but that is a beautiful doily.

  8. So sorry.....:( We've all been there, but looks like you cut out a LOT! Can't wait to see it completed!

  9. Oh dear, and you were making such good progress. I look forward to hearing who the designer is. Perhaps it's not as obvious as you thought!

  10. Hi Fox

    Oh dear, one simple mistake and it makes everything go wrong. So pleased you are bad on the right road now, hopefully it will go right and you won't have to unpick again.
    It's looking so lovely
    Love to Gian

  11. What a pity! It's beautiful and the colors are very pretty.

  12. I find it incredibly frustrating having to cut work out, but like you, once it's gone wrong I know I don't really have much choice. But it does look very beautiful now.

  13. I guess snipping was the theme for the weekend. I tried the same motif three times before giving up. I moved on to something much simpler. I know you will prevail! It looks lovely so far.

  14. This is so pretty-- the colours are so nice together.
    Last night I tried 7 times to get an easy tat going, and 7 times I found a mistake, so I got wise and embroidered instead! Good idea to use the markers.