Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Something Still Amiss?

I tatted this Rosemary Peel pattern last night and it just looked wrong. 
I kept looking at it and could not see the problem:

Then I realized I had left off two parts of the last clover, so:

#17MC  Lizbeth#40   Delica beads à la Miranda:Tatting Fool

 It still looks a bit wonky to me, but I did a pretty good patch job, I must say! 

I have no patience for tatting anything but the honey napkin these days. It is weird, but my brain will not concentrate on anything else. My hands hunger for honey!

Honestly, I just have to get this done soon as I cannot seem to do anything else - too many mistakes and ruined thread.

Probably from now till it is finished I shall just focus on the big one.  : (


  1. I like your fix. looks great. you picked pretty colors of thread and beads you have such an eye for color.

    Now to catch up on the last 2 weeks of your posts

  2. Hi Fox

    Looks lovely to me but after I had a real good look I found what you were talking about, It's a lovely colour.
    Your mind is just too full at the moment finishing honey mat will help
    Ps love to Gian