Tuesday, April 10, 2012

‘Seitz’ - Seeing

Georgia Seitz that is!

Pattern by Georgia Seitz               #98-100 Motif Challenge   Jess’s  HDT

Found it a bit difficult to get this to lie flat.  It is about four inches across, like the last one I tatted, designed by Karey.

I am now ready (I say this once again!) to try something different, I think; I do get bored by the repetition of the doily-like motifs.  But the thought of another Tischband makes me start to squirm...  must be where I'm headed!


  1. I love the color of that thread! I really want to try that leaf for the Tischband, but I just can't get past these Stumpy motifs. : )

  2. I think it's so pretty! The colorway is relaxing. I just like looking at it. You did well. :-)

  3. That colorway makes this have a very interesting look. Nice job!
    Good luck on the next Tischband :-)

  4. nice!!!
    yours is very pretty

    I have 9 1/2 tear drops done.

  5. So beautiful colors!!!
    I love the doily.
    I feel summer breeze :)

  6. Hi fox,

    Lovely piece of tatting, lovely colour way and nice patterns well done.

    Hugs Margaret

  7. The color of the thread is amazing! Great work Fox :-)

  8. It turned out lovely. The color variation is nice as well.

  9. Nice job! I love the way the colors turned out.

  10. Thank you! lovely comments, but I have to admit though I really like the colours, I think this would be a better as a one-colour motif; the pattern gets lost in the variegation.
    Fox : )

  11. That is pretty! I see what you mean about "busy" - it is a pity the dark part "switched" from the outside to the inside, as I thought the subtle frame was looking good...

  12. ok, so now I wonder. Did my last comment get through?... Sigh...

    I said I love it and that it is a pity the dark part of the thread "skipped" from outside to inside, as I loved the gentle framing it was giving it...

    1. See, it worked! Thanks for the two comments! : ))

  13. I rather like the 'switching' of the colours.....
    Very pretty, Fox!

  14. I love the doily and the colors ! all is perfect.

  15. It's so so pretty!! I think I will dye some more of this colorway after I figure out "Torch lily"! :o)