Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stawasz Surprise

Yup. A Jan Stawasz pattern. I had to be ill and very bored to get up the gumption to try this one! His patterns have always intimidated me for some reason.
#24-100 Motif Challenge
As he has his own distinct method of tatting the double stitch, I had to adjust the pattern. The coloured markers did help.

Because I was lazy and rather feverish, I did not make my own diagram, which would have made the process a lot easier and faster!  I relied on this one and predictably got confused with every repeat I tatted.

There are a number of minor errors that I did not catch early enough to correct, and I ran out of thread with one repeat to go.  However, it is finished, and... not bad!

The thread is Lizbeth #20, from one of the few balls I have left of the old stuff, and it was twisty and inconsistent.  I will be so glad to use some of the new #40 Lizbeth thread that I am eagerly waiting for the postman to deliver. Can't wait, actually!


Once I had finished the motif, I was eager to hunt for a comment from a reader of tat-ology about daisy picots.  I could not find the comment. After reading about 400, I gave up.  

This comment prompted me to begin thinking about the technique, which I learned ( I think) in the T.A.T. course at some point, but I had forgotten how to accomplish it, as I have never put it to use.

So, I hunted for a pattern and an explanation; of course Jon provided both.

So far:

I love the way the thread matches my shuttle...  thanks to LaCossette!


  1. I particularly like you green and pink motif Fox - I love those colours together and it does look extra pretty with the right shuttle... :-)

  2. Gorgeous snowflake...his designs are so interesting and lovely! your tatting is beautiful, like the new green and pink motif too!

  3. I'm right there with you on Jan's patterns. I have to check and recheck them so many times, and lose my place frequently. They turn out gorgeous, but are a trial to get through.

    I love both your pink and green motifs. Very well done, especially since you were sick!

  4. So pretty! I haven't actually tried any of Jan's patterns yet. I get totally confused by his directions! I think everyone should have thread and shuttle that match... perfect choice!

  5. Oohing and aahing, though for the first time ever, I find myself distracted by the beads you added on the Jan Stawasz lace. *pouty.lip*