Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snookered by a Snowflake

Val made me tat it.  Look here.  
The snowflake pattern is Julie Patterson's
Sp pretty the way Val finessed it. 
 Then there is mine:

#12-100 Motif Challenge

There is a warning in the first paragraph of the pattern, which can be found here:
This snowflake is made using Split Rings, rings
thrown from split rings, and Mock Rings, so it is
not for the faint-hearted!
Those words were not heeded by me as I can do all those techniques - only I did not realize they would be utilized so close together!

I found the pattern very challenging and quite fiddly.  Pour moi, not a fun tat.  But thank-you so much, Val for the idea and for posting your work, and thanks also to Isdihara, who contacted Georgia, who fixed up the faulty link.


  1. Now I know the first thing I'm going to make with my latest HDT purchase. Thanks!

    I see your problem; I hope you don't mind my pointing it out. One of the split rings at the top right of the picture is too small. It looks like you closed the split ring immediately after making the thrown-off ring, instead of making the rest of the stitches after the ring. Naturally, this throws off the proportions. You'll get it right next time (and you know there will be a next time). You might also try making the joining picots on the inner rings even smaller.

    I really like how you changed the rings off the mock rings to JK's. I'm going to try that when I tat it.

  2. Thanks, Miranda! Yes, I saw this too - and I think you have figured out what I did. *sigh* I will probably try to do it again. You know my tatting inclinations too well!

    I like the look of the JK's as well. Plus, I like to tat them.
    Fox : ))

  3. It's pretty though... I've just saved the pattern to print out for later.

    What's the thread you used? Is that some of the Altin Basak you sent me? (which I love!!)

    BTW, I really like the tatted treasures you sent me... I think my favorite is the 'Last Leaf' that you had posted about in October.. just how many of those did you work up??

  4. well, we know you are not faint-hearted, so I know you can do it.
    Thanks for this, I may change some of my christmas tatting. we will see.

  5. Lily - Yes! Same stuff! The leaves? I have lost count!
    Fox : )

  6. Looks like a really good first try to me! :)

  7. I think I must be among the faint hearted... sounds confusing to me!

  8. hey fox, i'd almost missed this! i've been pretty swamped... aha, now it's me who made you tat this snowflake?!

    i didn't do too well on my first try, which is the white snowflake in the far corner of my picture. (that's why it's there. LOL) i think using a stiffer thread and tatting tightly helps. In addition, the picots need to be really tiny, so that the extra lengths from joining won't show up. and from experience, blocking and pinning the snowflake down to dry keeps it lying flat.

    give it another shot. i'm sure it'll turn out fabulous. let me share a little secret: i'm totally hooked to this pattern and i've already tatted 5 of them! the pattern is stuck in my head now. ;p

  9. oh forgot to mention that your first try is not bad at all!

  10. Oh my goodness, rings thrown off of split rings?!? I've never thought of that before, but now that I do it makes perfect sense.

    Hmm, I'm getting some ideas...